Sunday, August 2, 2009

Carlsbad Again

My grandparents camped for a week at Carlsbad State Beach for the second time this summer.  This time we made it up there for dinner on a Sunday night and 3 day trips during the week.  Sunday night we met up my parents and my siblings and their kids. We ate yummy tacos, thanks to all the fixin's that my mom brought.  I made Texas sheet cake and brought some cheese.  We roasted marshmallows too.  Here is Grandpa John teaching kids about campfires.  Look how closely they're listening.  They don't listen to me like that! Auntie Carolita is in the background, admiring the kids.

Grandpa doin' his thang.  I think he collected wood from other campsites that people had left behind.
As always, the three musketeers just enjoyed each other's company.
These poses were totally candid.  I had to crack up when I saw the kids just naturally put their arms around each other.  It was too cute to not catch on camera! 
I like the smokey campfire effect goin' on in this picture.

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