Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Ian: 8 Months

So here he is at 8 months.  Ian James Badger.  
I recently discovered we have a mini-Stephen in one aspect... 
The drama king.  In high school, Stephen was named the most promising actor in his drama class, and I believe his son is following suite.  Stephen has ignored the fake crying for a while now, (it takes one to know one, right?) but for some reason I ALWAYS fall for it because I just can't let my little boy cry!  He's so precious!  
I should have known that most of this crying business is phony though because once when I picked him up after a "crying" bout a few months ago, my friend saw his facial expression from over my shoulder and he totally gave the proud smile of "Ha!  I got what I wanted!"  That little stinker!  Now that I know he's faking it, I just laugh to myself when it comes, on cue, EVERY time I go to nurse him.  I'll set him down in the rocking chair while I'm getting ready, and then it comes, the "milked-up" whimpering and coughing.  Like, "Oh, I'm so desperately starving!  Please help and feed me, Mother dearest!  I can't stand another minute."  Oh please!  
He also knows what he should and shouldn't be doing, but tries to get away with sneaky stuff anyway.  He knows not to eat shoes, keys, or pull his sister's hair.  But when I do slip-up and let him gnaw on some keys every once in a while, (like below)...
he does the fake high-pitched squeal which sometimes convinces me to give-in.  But, if I'm feeling rational and just ignore it, it stops only seconds later, especially if I can distract him with something else.
"Who you talkin' 'bout, Mama? "
The picture above reminds me of when, a couple nights ago, Ian was eating a piece of a nectarine and dropped it down in his high chair seat somewhere.  I then said in a funny voice, "Which way did he go, George, which way did he go?"  Stephen looked at me, shocked.  I didn't know what caused this reaction, I was only repeating something that my Dad used to say.  He then asked in disbelieve where i heard the saying from.  After I told him it was from my dad, Stephen's response was, "Whoa!  For a minute there I thought you actually watched some cartoons!"  Does anyone know where that line came from?   
If you said Bugs Bunny, you've got it!

Ian's favorite word is Dad.  Since he got such a favorable reaction the first time he said it, he has babbled it forever since.  I try to get him to say Mom, but I don't count it that he says "Bob."  I didn't think that the "mmm" sound was too difficult for babies, but maybe he's testing out his comedy skills already and just laughing at how frustrated I get about it.
Ian is crawling more and more with his stomach off the ground and he even attempts climbing up things to stand up.  He's also tried scaling the stairs.  He's only fallen from the second stair once for sure!  I guess we can no longer put shoes and other "off-limits" equipment on the stairs because it's his major motivation.  When I found him fresh from the 2nd-stair fall, he had taken with him the out-of-reach princess memory game!

His favorite things to eat include, but are not limited to sand, dirt, grass, paper, stickers, plastic bags, and other dirty things.


Pip said...

Babe, he's SO grown up looking! He looks like such a man were lilly still looks so baby-ish. I'm glad you figured out how old he is :) ha!

Sarah said...

Desirae! I'm so glad you've taken pictures of him next to that giraffe this whole time! He's so much bigger - looking much more like an almost-toddler. Your stories are funny - such an entertaining age.

Carl and Amber said...

I would have guessed that the line was from Curious George. gosh, his eyes are gorgeous!

evelyn said...

I guess Ian is old enough to rate a whole blog just about him! He is so handsome and looks well loved.

C4 McKendrick said...

The dude's got some nifty SD duds, dudes! Seriously, where did you get the snazzy surfer dude outfit? It looks so sharp with the shirt tucked in.