Friday, July 24, 2009

This and That

I think Ian looks a little like my brother.
It's so cute how Calvin (my brother) always asks to hold Ian when we are visiting.  They are buddies.  I can just imagine how funny it will be when Ian is old enough to run around and keep up with Calvin's boys.  He will probably get into all kinds of mischief and love every minute of it.
This is Stephen reading The Giving Tree to Brooklyn before her naptime during one of Stephen's lunch breaks.  We always look forward to him coming home for an hour around noon!
The witch hat that never was big enough for Brooklyn's head.  It fits Ian just perfectly though, she discovered.
Brooklyn and Daddy enjoying a Baby Signing Time DVD with Ian.  Brooklyn takes very seriously her self-appointed assignment of teaching basic signs to Ian with the help of these well-loved DVD's.

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