Monday, January 9, 2012

An Afternoon @ SeaWorld, Birthday Week, Nov. 2011

What a DAY!

Ever since someone dubbed me the "birthday brat" in college, I've tried to tame down the expectations for my birthday. In my own defense, I recall that I just seemed to know exactly what I wanted to do on my birthday when I was asked one particular year in college. I didn't think it was too tall of orders to want to roast marshmallows in the canyon and then have funfetti cupcakes afterwards with a bunch of friends, but I guess since it fell on my roomate/best friend to plan it all for me that year instead of my mom, it was sort of a bit obnoxious of me to just assume that even a good friend would want to take "orders" from me, a birthday brat. ANYWAY, birthdays were a big deal in my family growing up, so I guess I blame mostly my mom and sister for always indulging me on my birthday. Really, I'm not talking fancy, expensive gifts, I'm just saying I got to call all the shots. And for me, that is like royal treatment! My mom would always cook whatever meal and dessert I requested, plus there was usually some kind of friend party, treats were brought to school (I guess that only happened in elementary school, but still!) and voluntarily one year my sister decided to become my BIRTHDAY SLAVE! Really, I did NOT put her up to this! She continued this annual tradition, unprovoked too!
So how does that all relate to the picture of Japanese food at the top of this post, you may ask? Well, this year my birthday was super fun and one of the highlights was going out on a lunch date with my husband to a new place (new to us) called Blue Fin. And it was yummy! Speaking of indulging me, I will give you all a run-down of the day since you are just dying to know (yeah right!)
First of all, my good friend Lucynthia made me delicious ginger waffles for breakfast. Then I had a visiting teaching appointment for which we decided to walk to Robek's and pick up smoothies. I forgot to mention that between those 2 things, another super good friend Lori called me up on Skype from Germany! And after the V.T. appointment was dinner with the hubby @ the afore mentioned Blue Fin restaurant. Funny how such a good day for me revolved around a whole lot of friends and good food!
Funny thing though, I was planning to shower after the walk to the smoothie place, but, didn't have time b/c Stephen had a certain hour break for lunch that we had to use and I basically could have showered up and left him hanging at the restaurant for 20 minutes or more ALONE or just gone "as is." I went with option B. Thus, there are NO pictures for y'all to see on this blog of me @ the restaurant, b/c, well I was lovin' life, but not feeling so fresh and clean and "purty." Not to worry, I did eventually shower on my birthday! I also did not show Stephen even though I got a picture of him too because he was sporting a mustach for this men's health awareness thing @ work through the month of November. And let me just say, the man is handsome, but not the type who can work the mustache and turn some heads in a good way.... we'll leave it at that.

On to the next event. Since Stephen was going to take a half day off, but last minute had a meeting sprung on him that he HAD to attend, I decided to take the kids myself to see this lighthouse. I should've left sooner b/c there was little daylight by the time we made it there and we "froze" from the chilly wet wind there at the top of those bluffs. But it was a fun little afternoon birthday adventure with the kids anyway.
The lighthouse itself isn't anything too fancy or spectacular being like 100 years old or more, and I couldn't get a good angle of it with the sun setting and all, but I did enjoy the amazing views and these two little chips of the ol' blocks.
The workers there dressed in period clothing.

I wouldn't so much mind living down there someday!
And of course, to top it all off was a homemade dinner by my huggable husband. My request this year was a mushroom and swiss cheese burger and pumpkin pie for dessert. It did not disappoint! What a lucky gal I am!
Ian even dressed himself in his own jammies. What a champ!

Here I am "taking one for the team." Even though it's not so flattering of me, the kids are cracking me up. Ok, Ian's hillarious and Brooklyn looks like she's about 16. Lovin' it!

Art Museum

Here are pictures from our last visit to the Children's Art Museum before our passes expired at the end of the year.
The life-sized maze
Brooklyn creating

Details of the creative maze walls decorated in recycled materials
Ian and Dad's dino figurine
Ian posing in the dress-up area

Wrapped Around Her Little Fingers!