Thursday, October 7, 2010

This and That as a matter of fact

This was taken right after church at Nini and Papa's house. Ian wasn't all that cooperative.
That's my boy! All smiles when he sees me :)

Potential Christmas card photo...don't hold your breath though. We haven't sent one out....EVER!
The cheese and pig tails.
This one should be censored...That's right!
Who me?
Watch out world, here I come!
Trouble gathered all around one table...Can you believe we gave them cups with no lids?
Carol is 30. If you couldn't tell, that is an apple crisp, and yes, it was deliciouso.
I pity the po' foo'....who took my gold chains?
These boots were made for walkin'
The park at the beach was a little chilly.
"Underdog, please!"
Pianist in training...
Ocean creatures...grown in our own bath tub.
I am like a star shining brightly....
WE LOVE CHOCOLATE! (Desirae, Brooklyn, and Ian came up to the hospital for dessert. My coworkers threw me a little going away lunch party.)
Here's my tidy office.
I am now the former patient logistics manager of Scripps La Jolla.
Brooklyn got her stuffed animals ready for church.
Do these outfits remind anyone else of Eric and Rebecca? (Thanks Mom)