Friday, June 6, 2008

The Interview

Monday night after graduation and Grandma Grace's wedding, Desirae, Brooklyn, and I headed down to San Diego for my interview with Scripps Health System. We stayed at Helen and Eric's in Del Mar. My interview wasn't until Wednesday so we went to a park by the beach on Tuesday. Brooklyn didn't want to go straight down to the sand but to the swings instead.
After about 20 minutes in the swing, we convinced her to go for a walk on the sand

She found out that she doesn't really like the taste of sand...imagine that? This is my attempt to clean her hands off with a baby didn't work too well.

After receiving coaching from several relatives, I went to my interview on Wednesday. Thanks to Michael Miramontes I was fully prepared for the very first question, "So tell me about yourself?" I smiled, answered, and had a great interview. Afterwards we headed back up to Covina for pizza night at Pip and Jeff's new pad. It looked vaguely familiar, but much improved since the last time I saw it. I guess that's what happens when you're married to a professional handy man extra-or dinar. The next morning I arose early and flew back to Louisiana. Desirae will now have to take over and share the rest of her trip since she stayed another week in So-Cal.

GG and G's Reception

After the ceremony, we had a nice lunch-in.

Helen, Eric, and the family came up from San Diego and Richard and Lisa even came from Florida.
Here's Grandpa Glade and Grandma Grace with all of the grand- and great grand kids.
Here are the lovely McKendrick ladies....
and the manly men.
I loved this sign. In case it's too small for you to read it says, "It's never too late for Happy Every After."

Only 75?!

Grandma Grace was sealed in the Los Angeles Temple to Grandpa Glade. She was like a little school girl all over again with a huge smile the whole time. The ceremony was great and we really enjoyed seeing all of the family that came to celebrate.
Brooklyn on the temple steps with her two escorts.
We tried to get a picture with all of the family, but we had trouble getting everyone to look at the same camera.
Brooklyn's beautiful blues.
Desirae and Brooklyn loving each other's company.

Finally Done!

Well, I'm finally finished with school! I now have a Master of Health Administration from USC. Thanks to the stimulus package from the government Desirae, Brooklyn, and I traveled out late Thursday night (May 15th) to California to go to my graduation, Grandma Grace's wedding, and an interview at Scripps Health System in San Diego. Graduation on Friday was a long hot day in the sun. Apparently, we brought the heat with us from Louisiana, but it was good to see some of my classmates and celebrate with family. Here are a few pictures that we took:Desirae and I are in front of Ralph, Goldy, and Lewis Hall or RGL where I had a majority of my classes. She and Jim came along to see the main ceremony. Unfortunately, there were so many people that I think I was the only one of the three that heard and saw everything. Robert Iger, CEO of Disney, gave an excellent address after he received an honorable doctorate. I also got a lei on behalf of my mom.
This is where I lined up for the main ceremony. To my right is Jude and my left is Rudy. For those of you who were wondering, the color of my hood is peacock.
The procession.
Here's a picture of my competition for the Scripps Fellowship down in San Diego.
Here's a picture of me with my beautiful girls. Brooklyn is holding a balloon that's out of sight. SPPD had a little reception after the ceremony.

Jim, Tina, Pops, Desirae, and Brooklyn all came for my individual school ceremony (the School of Policy, Planning, and Development). The main ceremony was at 9am, but the SPPD ceremony wasn't until 2pm so Pops, Tina, and Brooklyn came later. In between the ceremonies we went over to Pip's work. She has a pretty posh office in a questionable neighborhood. Jim treated the three of us to lunch at the Corner Bakery. The food was pretty good, but the company was better.

The day ended with dinner at Johnny Carinos with Calvin, Carol, Caden, Caleb, Pip, TJ, and Michelle joining those of us who were at the graduation ceremony. Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture of everyone there, but we had a good time. Brooklyn loved hanging out with her cousins.