Thursday, March 27, 2008


Hope you all had a happy Easter!  

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

More Fun with Grandparents

My parents visited three weeks ago today, to celebrate with us Brooklyn's 2nd b-day.  I already posted some of the Gator and Friends shots, so here are others from the same weekend.  

It snowed for the second time in the past 3 months here.  Not that great of a day to travel and tour around, but kind of fun that it was a rare occurrence and my parents were here to "enjoy" it with us.  Brooklyn has all the cute snow gear, while I think I probably ran out there in my robe-covered flannel p.j.'s, scarf-covered head, and boot-covered slipper-socks.  (I know I really didn't need to admit that, but hey - there's no picture to prove it!)

Later in the day (when I was actually dressed) we visited Stephen at work and had lunch in the cafeteria.  One of Stephen's favorite perks at Willis-Knighton is the "free lunch" with lots of choices.  Kind of like the freshman dorm cafeterias at BYU, but with a Southern/Cajun cuisine.   I somehow get the feeling my home-made dinners pale in comparison to Stephen's week-day lunches but oh well, who says I have to compete?  It is kind of funny though that his lunch meal is the fanciest and largest meal of the day while mine usually consists of a PB&J sandwich or 3-day repeat left-overs that Stephen didn't care for the first time around!  
We visited Sci-port, a children's museum in Shreveport.  Brooklyn really liked the water station with the colorful rubber duckies.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Cute and Tricky...

The big cheese!
Nothing like the fresh out-of-the-all-day-pony-tail hairdo! 

Caption for below, "Who, me?"
Nothing builds experience better than failed attempts, right?
My basic potty-training plan was to build-up the idea in her mind and present it as a special distinction of grown-ups that is now within her reach.  My preparation included picking up a musical potty at Walmart and acquiring way too many cute character panties including a 7-day pack of Elmos and a few adorable Dora's.  I promised that she could wear these if she uses the new potty.  I also promised to give her a cookie.  After she downed a cup of milk, juice, and water, and after keeping her little toosh on that potty for 30 - 40 minutes, I am still kicking myself for "breaking" for my own lunch.  My moment of weakness arrived when my empty stomach cried out at 2 in the afternoon.  Since breakfast at 7:30, I had gone to the gym, had a marathon shopping adventure at JoAnne's and Walmart, had lugged all my groceries and my 30-pound two-year old up the stairs, and had declared potty war for just too long now.  Only experienced trainers will know this is the dumbest thing I could have done - give up in a moment of weakness!  Next thing I know, she's heading out to the back patio.  'Fine!' I thought, ' the patio is safe and I need a break myself!'  No more than 2 minutes later, she comes in announcing "potty!" so I plopped her back on her very own "royal throne" only to see that she was pointing to the back patio showing me the wet spot.  NO!  Why was I so weak? Why did I give up only a moment too soon!  Aarg!  This is not for wimps.  I can't believe I was just duped by a two-year old!  She heard me warn her against dirtying the carpet, so she didn't do that, but aah!  I foolishly did not see that one coming.  After that, I hadn't the guts or the patience to try again.  Help!  I have been out-witted by a tw0-year-old!  My seemingly strong persistence was yet outlasted by my toddler's.  
If anyone has tried and true advice, or book recommendations, I welcome and obviously need them.  I've sort-of nixed the premise of "Potty-train your child in one day" because apparently it involves letting your child run nude all day.   This method doesn't seem effective when one needs to leave the house for any reason.   So tomorrow is library day, I'll be sure to check out some books and do some more internet research.  Beware new moms - nothing is impossible for a two-year old!

Below is just a funny picture of her.  She has always loved elevating her feet when she's relaxed, but this pose takes the cake.  Check the angle of her legs on the second shot.  I love checking in on her while she's sleeping at night.  It is then that she can do no wrong and no matter how challenging the day, suddenly she's a terrible two-year-old gone cherubim!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Gator and Friends

As a part of the weekend adventures with Papa and Neenie we took a trip to Gator and Friends.  They let us hold one that was only 2 years old.  Needless to say...some of us were a little nervous.
This big daddy is about 30 years old, but he was in hibernation mode.
Jim bought some feed for some of the other animals and Brooklyn loved it.  She is definitely unafraid of animals.
As Pip would say, "This one's happy as a little nugget."

Ode 2 Brooklyn

Brooklyn was fortunate enough to have both sets of grandparents attend her 2nd Birthday Party.
Brooklyn patiently awaiting her birthday song and the go ahead to dig into her two birthday cupcakes.
"Now that I've eaten all of the frosting off the first one...on to the 2nd one..."

  These two cupcakes don't stand a chance...

Only her second birthday, yet look at the skill and finesse with which Brooklyn unwraps her gifts.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Library Day!

Cajun Cookin'

After the game we had to have some cajun food so we went to the famous Prejean's restaurant. 
 They have a huge stuffed alligator when you walk in...Brooklyn was just a little scared.
  We enjoyed our meal while listening to some good ol' cajun music.
 Desirae had her first taste of frog legs and alligator...when asked what she thought about the alligator she said..."'s chewy?"  

Avery Island

For those who didn't know, Tabasco sauce is made on Avery Island.  We dropped by to take a tour of the factory, but we ended up just getting some souvenirs and taste testing....tabasco ice cream, soda, jelly, barbecue sauce, and chili.  Despite what you might think, it was pretty good!

Brooklyn's new tabasco toys...she's one happy camper with her new ball and frog.

We're going Houma!

Rosalia and her fellow Dragons made it all the way to the state semi-finals so we had to go and see her play!  Heeere's the starting line up... It's almost as if Rosalia has some tall genes or something.
 How do you like the beauty queen wave?
Rosalia still smiling despite losing to the booty-bumping, elbow throwing, ankle hacking Catholic school.

Just in case you've never seen what the bayou looks like here's a picture that I took from the car as we drove down to Houma.  (not too bad considering we were going 70MPH) The faithful fans...with professional ESPN-like video coverage.

Brooklyn's New Smile

Here's Brooklyn's new pose for the camera when we ask her to smile.  Saaay Cheeeese!