Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Growing Boy

Here's a catch-up post of our growing boy.  He's two months already, how time flies!

So far, Ian has seemed to be a little fussier than his sister and has kept me up longer at night initially.  Brooklyn even laments, "maybe he has a bubble in his tummy," sometimes when he cries.  However, he has conquered the long stretch of night time sleep pretty regularly this past week.  This is a huge relief because his night time feedings would not put him back to sleep immediately.  

During his wakeful hours, he alertly watches his big sister as she happily "entertains" him and tells him of all the things he can do when he grows bigger (watch movies, talk, walk, just the essentials).  He also responds to people talking with him.  He tries to imitate our mouth movements and makes cute noises. 
The picture below is his "one month" picture.  He looks a little more tan in it than he does now,probably because his jaundice had not completely cleared.  Now he's pretty much glowing white (like his daddy), or a "healthy white" as Grandma Evelyn would say.  I didn't have a stuffed animal chosen yet for his one month shot, but from now on, his monthly poses will include this friendly giraffe.  Let's see how long it takes Ian to pass him up in size.  They are about even right now!

Overall he seems to be a happy and healthy little guy.  We are so blessed!  

That reminds me, we will be blessing him at church February 1st for anyone who lives close enough and needs an excuse to visit!  Let us know if you would like to come and we'll fill you in on the details!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Years Day/Pip's Birthday

We then headed up to Covina to celebrate New Years and Pip's birthday!

Pip wanted to celebrated her birthday with a delicious dinner at OutBack Steakhouse.  I stayed behind to be with Brooklyn and Ian because they were both asleep. 
It certainly looks good.
As a christmas gift, I detailed the outside of Jim's car.  It's hard to believe looking at this picture that his car is 10 years old.  As you can see, I had a little help from Brooklyn.