Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Love This

While trying to get ready to head out for the day, I caught myself instructing Brooklyn to clean up her crayons before I realized the artistry with which they had been placed. Can you determine what kind of a scene she created here? I must say, I was pretty impressed with her creativity. Hint: I think this scene she portrayed here came to mind because we used headlamps the night before when there was a power outage. The other times we typically use headlamps are for these types of outings. Still, I was impressed with the detail of it all.

Children's Museum 9/9

Once again I'm doing some catch-up posting. Here's what we did on Friday of the first week of school; we went to the children's museum. The reason? School was cancelled? Why? We had a long power outage on Thursday afternoon throughout the whole county of San Diego. Some power lines all the way in Arizona were the problem. Anyway, since the power was out indefinitely, all the schools were canceled for Friday, even though the power ended up returning around 10:45 PM Thursday night. It was nice to have a day off, even though it was already a short week since school started on the Tuesday after Labor Day.

I had never been down to the bottom floor of the children's museum, but this huge bird-house structure extends up to the main or middle level, which I have seen. The cool thing though was that there was imaginitive play stuff at the bottom for nest-building and bird dress-ups.

This was a fun craft, especially since it involved launching things off the balcony outside to the patio below where all the clay-making and statue painting took place.

More shots of the bird cage. Sorry if some are repeats. Oops!

Where the Turf Meets the Surf

We joined some friends for an outing to the Del Mar race track. It was so fun to be a part of the action and excitement. This was a first for me!
We accidentally entered the side where the top-breed horses parade around for a smaller audience who will be placing bets...no wonder our tickets were a little more costly than we had planned for. Oops! We won't be making that mistake again. It also explains why there were little to no kids there except for our own. Also it explains why we were privileged to experience this close encounter with a beautiful horse.
Here we are heading off to the back lot where all the fun kid stuff was set up. It was "family day" at the race track, so all of these extra activities for the kids were free. :)
Anyone searching for dandruff?
Here the horses are pounding down the final stretch of the race. The intense excitement of the crowds was so thrilling!

Ian in a blue bounce house
The pony rides, with one side of the race track in the background.
Face/Body painting (Hello Kitty)

Brooklyn and Ayzia