Sunday, May 23, 2010

Not a Bad Ending

This is bliss.
Check how much Ian loves giving me kisses.
Just can't get enough of 'em.
Still and quiet listening to loud and crashing waves below
Cooperative smiler? Not so much.
We really did have fun, despite some of the expressions. The only sad thing is that we will miss our friends (NOT pictured, by their choice) who have moved to Monterey. We wish them the best of luck in learning German though! Stutgert (spelling?) is going to be amazing!


Brooklyn loves her new gymnastics class. It was so cute to see her friend Gabe, the veteran gymnast, welcome her warmly and escort her on the obstacle courses.Not the best pictures, but I was shooting from far away, trying not to be the overbearing first-time parent observer.
A couple of times, Brooklyn looked over at me and said, "I'm having fun, Mom!" I didn't take the comment as an indication that we otherwise don't do fun things, but it was cool that she expressed her appreciation for being in her own special class using new-to-her equipment and exploring movement and excercise in different ways.
Why haven't we started this sooner?

Welcome to the 'Hood!

I'll have to get some pictures of the inside of the house after the renovations are done, but for now, here's the neighborhood.We had dinner at my parent's new old house on Mother's Day and then went for a stroll.
The grandkids (minus Lilly) explore the new territory.
Calvin, Ian, and Papa.
You should see these two in their church gear. There is definitely a resemblance.

Princess Tiana Party

Brooklyn met a new friend named Abby at the beach. One day we had them over for lunch and found out that Abby and her mom had not yet seen the Princess and the Frog movie. In Brooklyn's mind this is severe deprivation, so we immediately made plans to get together again and watch it. Our plans quickly morphed into a party involving cupcakes, dress-ups and sugar cookies. Even though it was just us 4 girls (the moms and girls) plus Ian, we baked up enough sugar to hyper-activate an entire preschool.
We watched the movie and snacked on junk food. Abby's mom impressed with her cookie-decorting skills by making some plain boy frogs and then some girl frogs with pink lips as well as some cute crowns. She also was more sensible than I and brought some mini sandwiches, lip-shaped. The sugar overload really altered everyone's post-party moods, so I' think next time we'll have to try and be a healthier in our menu creation. Also, next time I'll try and snap pictures of the partiers instead of just the food!

Feeding the Animals

The Park

Thursday, May 13, 2010


This post is for the birthday girl because I didn't get any pictures on the real day this year when the kids and I went up for a visit. It's only a few weeks overdue. I thought I'd pull out a few pictures from years past, since there are only about a hundred or so of them. These are the winning favorites, although her inventory may differ from mine a bit. Sorry they are out of order because just when I thought I was done, I found more semi-recent ones, which are rare since we haven't lived super close the past few years.
This is my friend Nora. We've been friends since we were about two years old. Besides my family, she's the friend who most consistently shows up in all my birthday pictures. In the picture above, we are at her wedding (as if you couldn't have guessed) and I'm trying to squeeze my newly pregnant body into a bridesmaid's dress. Of course, Nora looks fabulous.

September 1989, above. probably a sleepover

1981, above. She's the blondie in front. I've got the Ian expression in the background. And yes, my mother's dress was super cool... at the time.
1986. I can't remember if this was a tooth-pulling party of mine or my cat's birthday. Maybe it was my own birthday, but I'm not looking all that birthday-glamorous. Nora's in the back row between my sister and me.
November 1987. Birthday party. We were in third grade. It appears that I was rockin' the crown braid. And Nora is laughing at my goofyness.

November 1989. My brother let us "borrow" his room for the my 10th birthday party (sleepover), hence the Magic Johnson poster in the background.

November 1990. My 11th b-day. Funny how I remember thinking that jumper I was wearing was soo cool along with my peach shirt below.
Above, the swing on Nora's front porch, 1991.
Camping at the beach, circa 1993.
The picture above is from our Freshman year at BYU. We're in the dorms of Helaman Halls.
A few years of highschool lapsed in between with no pictures. Probably because I was super nerdy and Nora was super cool. We also went to different high schools and didn't see eachother much. I do remember going to Monrovia High one day early September of 1996 before my school had started. Nora was of course, Miss Popular, student body president, etc. Still I was shocked that she was super nice and took me to lunch with her friends in her forest green jeep.
Freshman year at BYU, we'd hang out when Nora's boyfriend was doing guy-time, so she'd declare it a lady's night. We'd dress up in ridiculous clothes and take pictures. She was the ring-leader of course.
End of freshman year, this would be our group of roommates for sophomore year.
1998, Sophomore year @ BYU, we busted out a disco inferno at the ward talent show. I think that year and freshman year, we used any excuse to dress up 70's.
Winter '98-99. Christmas pictures of the roommates. I'm betting the reindeer look was Nora's idea. It reminds me of some creative Halloween costumes through the years that I won't even discuss at this time. That's a whole other post entirely...
This was when I got my first car/Volvo. We drove it back up to BYU together. There's her little brother Steven in the car. (Crazy thing, she has 2 brothers, one named Steven, the other David. I thank her for the great nickname of Steve-bo which her family used to call her brother.)
A tub incident? Sometime during our Junior year @ BYU. That was probably 1999ish.
This was also sometime during sophomore or Junior year. I think this next photo would be a don't ask, don't tell item. J/K. It was after a ward talent show, I think. Nora's a little camera shy.
I think we put this next lovely picture on the outside of our bedroom door Junior year at BYU to ward off any and all boys.

This was Senior year at BYU. We were going to a dance, ready to break some hearts. Not really. My cousin Michelle is the other gal in the pic.
My wedding. I think I had one too many bobby-pins in that updo. Seriously.

Another wedding picture. December 2001.

Nora, it has been a wonderful almost 30 years of friendship that we've shared. You've been one of the most charismatic best friends a gal or anyone could have. I'm sure Adam can agree! There's hardly a dull moment when you're around. I'm so glad for all the times you've stuck with me when I've been a bratty little kid friend or a birthday brat and even a roommate who kissed "Elvis" too many times. I cherish all the little notes you've written throughout the years and the fun memories of dressing up to walk to downtown Monrovia as a kid. Thanks for being the one and only you and for helping me remember what life is all about!