Friday, May 7, 2010

Mormon Battalion

We decided to head down to Old Town San Diego one Sunday afternoon to see what all the hype was about of the newly renovated Mormon Battalion monument/mini museum. Actually, Stephen and the kids have already been there when it first reopened. For some reason, I missed that outing...which is probably why there are no photos or blog post documenting it.
Anyway, there was plenty for the kids to see and do, all for free! (*For non- church members, it comes with the price of two missionaries - just kidding!)
There was a place to pan for gold. Brooklyn skipped out on the fools gold and went straight to collecting all the smooth white stones. I'm sure she had a favorite scripture story in mind with that - kidding again!
Ian enjoyed testing the effectiveness of the splash-guarding aprons.
And he also checked out the view from above.
Then he tried climbing the wrought-iron.
It was kind of a fun little vantage point up there on top of the monument.
I really liked this view of the flags as we walked down from the mini watch tower.
I don't think that rocking chair was big enough for Ian though.
This was the best shot of the covered wagon out in front. I'm positive that they were all artistically color coordinated back in the day as well. Really this is also the best picture of what a mother looks like when chasing down two children who are running in opposite directions.
Stephen mocked my winter coat here. I just knew I would freeze without it! I do own a few sweaters and hoodies, but this time I knew they wouldn't cut it! I had to break out the Utah jacket. There must be something in between, but I have yet to find and purchase it. In the mean time, it gives Stephen something to laugh about I guess. This is me not caring that I look like a fool when it's pushing sixty outside.
And this is a little something I found under Miss Brooklyn's pillow two nights later. Remember those smooth stones I mentioned earlier? It took me a minute to remember how they got here. I must have seen them earlier in the day someplace that was within Ian's reach and I told Brooklyn to put them in a safe place. Well, she found one. So precious!
P.S. Does anyone recognize this pillow case? I have no clue where it came from unless it was maybe the Louisiana days and Evelyn was cleaning out her linen closet. I don't mind using it - just hope we didn't inadvertently steal it from someone somewhere!

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