Friday, May 7, 2010

Our Overdue Date

Date nights: Aren't they all overdue if they're not a weekly occurrence?The thing that usually prevents ours from happening is my laziness in planning them. Now that we're married with children, it's usually my responsibility to make dates happen because I get to arrange the babysitting, and in order to do that, I need to schedule the time frame, which, at that point means, I'm planning the date! Waah, waaah, waaah, woe is me! On the positive side, I get to look at this hottie all night without any kids screaming for mine or his attention! Hello Motivation! Woo-hoo!
So, the funny thing about this date is that I basically planned to go here, but then tried to be spontaneous and put a bunch of fun places to go on pieces of paper in a bag and have Stephen select one. Well....
that didn't really work, because he didn't choose this place first and it's where I really wanted to go! So, next time I'll try and not pretend to be so "flexible" when I know that I'm really bent on one special place.
Another funny thing? I decided to blindfold him on the way there. "That way it can still be a surprise!" I lied. Sort of. I did want to surprise him, but I also didn't want him backseat driving while I took him there! Sheeesh! Ha ha ha! I think all the planning and that the scenery at sunset was awesome made me giddy the whole way. I didn't even feel like we were doing a serious hike, which, we weren't, it was like one mile total because it was fun just flirting like we did when we were dating. Okay, alright! Any of you reading this can barf at any moment and I won't be offended!
Stephen will argue that I wasn't really that into the date or him, but just taking a bunch of pictures at each and every switchback. What? I couldn't help it! It was just breathtaking! Who cares that it was the same beautiful scenery, just a few feet higher each time! I had to give myself some props for finding this place on the internet!
In case your wondering, the place is called Mission Trails Regional Park and there are about a million different trails to take. The one we took was called climbers rock probably because it's only the favorite spot of all rock climbers in the area. We were not prepared to rock climb. So, I can guarantee next time Stephen goes here, it will not be with me, but someone who has the right climbing equipment, experience, and expertise. Although I wouldn't mind being a third wheel!
If only the grass were a little taller, Stephen could play Adam in the Garden of Eden, just kidding!
Did I mention my favorite time to hike is sunset? It is.

The road we walked along from where we parked to get to the climbers rock trail.
Pretty rocks.

Does this remind anyone else of those crazy ink blot pictures? I just thought it was weird how the rocks fit together like a puzzle.
Okay Vanna!


Tiffany said...

I really love all the new posts. You are so good about taking pictures. I have been so lazy about it. And I hope that you don't mind if I steal your idea of a date with hiking on the same trail. It looks really beautiful!

Taber & Rebecca said...

You just crack me up! If you could see me now, a smile has not left my face while reading all your updates.