Thursday, May 13, 2010

We Never Tire

Of the zoo. Although I'm sure our readers do. Each visit feels unique to us though because of which animals we see and what we observe them doing. Recently, we went on a Saturday morning. I came home around 8AM from my Saturday morning run and I was ready to start the day with a bang! Stephen needed no convincing when I proposed that we ditch our routine Saturday morning chores, including his favorite one of doing the laundry, and go to the zoo. It was fun to get there before all the crowds. The animals were out and about.
This elephant was doing a dance, much like the twelve-year-olds' shuffle.
This lion was pacing the front of his cage. I think he was trying to scare us all away. As we left, we even heard some real roaring going on!
"Quick, Brooklyn! Pose with the lion! Here he comes!"
This is a gerenuk. It's defense mechanism is standing like a tree.
Pretty good camouflage, I'd say!
The newly improved Polar Bear Plunge!
Thank heavens for the skyfari!
The sea lion show. First there were some maccaws or something like that. See them in the back there, toward the bottom of the blue sky?
One lucky little girl got a wet and slimy kiss from a sea lion.
This is so bad that I'm not exactly sure if the white animal was a wolf, but I'm pretty sure it was. Anyway, the wolf is really shy and didn't used to perform well, so the zoo paired him up with a dog from an animal shelter and they became friends. The dog is much more outgoing and the wolf feels more comfortable with the dog at its side. Cuteness. Sorry I'm sure that I butchered that friendship story.
The sea lion blowing us a kiss.
Ian, monkeying around.

The ride home. Brooklyn is just old enough to fight sleep when it looms near.

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