Thursday, May 13, 2010

Wild Animal Park with Jenn

Our neighbor Jenn, whom Brooklyn adores, possibly because she spoils us with her frequent fancy cupcakes and other baked goods, had a day off from work a couple weeks ago and decided to spend it with us at the Wild Animal Park.
It was such a treat to have her come along with us. I loved chatting with her and Ian and Brooklyn both vied for her attention throughout the day.
Here are a few pictures of a huge bird we saw at a show there. It flew right over us and had an enormous wingspan. I won't pretend that I remember its name or stats. Oops!
The next pictures are from our Journey into Africa tour which is free with membership. I've never been on one of the tours at the park or the zoo. It's pretty relaxing to cover such a huge territory and see so many animals while sitting back in shaded comfort. It was also helpful that there were labeled pictures of the animals featured in the park on the inside of the tram ceiling.

My camera isn't the best, and the tram was in motion, but I tried to capture a picture of the wild California poppies pushing up through the hollow bricks on the roadside.
Jenn was brave to allow Brooklyn to shoot some 60 pictures with Jenn's digital camera.
All the while, Ian climbed on and off the bench seat, eating and begging for more bagels.
Thanks for coming with us, Jenn! :)

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