Thursday, May 13, 2010


Ian shares the love with Lilly. What a ladies' man! He gets it from his Dad!
A few weeks ago the kids and I made a quick day trip up to L.A. I visited my good friend Nora in Huntington Beach to wish her a happy birthday. Sadly, I didn't get any pictures of the b-day girl on her special day. :( What was I thinking?? Then, I left my volvo with the best Volvo mechanic EVER. (My dad)
That same guy is also famous for fun wagon rides with grandkids.
Notice the volvo's in the background?
Brooklyn decided to turn her assignment of moving the hose to the dry grass patch to giving the dog a shower with Ian as her mutually entertained side-kick.
The McKendrick grandkids. My brother's three boys are on the outsides and middle. Lilly, my sister's girl is between Brooklyn and Caden.
From left to right, there is Cameron (2 months), Brooklyn (4 years), Lilly (15 months), Caden (5 years), Ian (18 months), Caleb (3 years). Ian and Caleb are birthday cousins because they were both born on the 18th of November, 2 years apart. I also remember that Caden, 09/01/04, is very close to Drew Badger's age and Caleb, born 11/18/06, is close to Breyton Badger's age.

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