Sunday, February 24, 2013

One Year Old!

 The weather warmed up for a bit on Jack's January birthday, so we went outside to blow bubbles.  Who cannot love a happy face like his?   And yes, he is walking now!  Within a week or two after his birthday, he finally gained his confidence in walking and he's been struttin' his stuff ever since!  (I'll have to find/take more of him in action in the future.)

 Brooklyn decided to stall and delay bedtime...I mean, she really wanted to serve her parents by doing the dishes and wiping off the table.
 Here's a candid hug of the brothers.  I love the raised eyebrow expression on Jack's face.
 Janel and I are showing off our cute baby boys.  They are only a few weeks apart.
 Ian riding his bike at the farewell potluck that some friends put together for us in San Diego.
 An edible arrangement Stephen brought home from work on his last day with Scripps.  (See the moving box in the background?)
 Our friends Pete and Rachel.  They are just awesome.
 Here's a quick family photo of us after church on the weekend that my parents visited us.
 Here's a candid shot beforehand.  I liked the background, but not the heavenly spotlight so much.
 My parents with the MacBad kids
 Jack on his birthday
 Ian with his monogrammed body armor
 Jack's first birthday cupcake, or traces of it

80s Parties and a Campout

Here are some old pictures from some 80's parties we attended in the fall in San Diego.  One was a birthday party and one was a "just because" dance party.  Some of the pictures here were also downloaded from a CD that my friend Heidi made that went along with a sweet book of memoirs that she made for us as a good-bye gift.  The book is a priceless work of heart!
 Ryan and Kristen
 The guys - Birthday Boy Jeremy is front and center on the bottom row.
 Adam and Janel get the award for most authentic and creatively dressed!  Adam was a character from Miami Vice.  Janel looks like she is fresh off the set of Footloose.
 Patrick, Keaton, and Michele
 Mark and Jenn
 The ladies
 Party-planner Kate and her husband, the birthday boy.
 This was from the 80's dance that Reagan and Amy hosted.  How awesome is that Ghostbuster get-up?
 Brooklyn selected her own costume that she believed to be 80's.
 Pete and Rachel
 Ryan and Andrea
 Brad and Emmy
 Janel, Henry, and Adam
 Ariana and Tom
 Brett and Krystle

Below are some snapshots from a camera phone of a Carrie Underwood concert we attended in S.D.

 Back to some more 80's photos.  Don't ask me how the pictures got out of order.
 And especially don't ask me what move that was part of??  I'm sure we thought we were totally cool though.
 Don't you love Amy's MC Hammer pants?
 Back to the 80's beach birthday party
 and an old photo of Ian and Samuel
 This was the last campout we took with the ward in San Diego.  I think they went (I stayed home with Jack) near the end of September.
 Back to more dancing

 camping again