Saturday, May 10, 2008

We Love Becca!

Last week we got to visit with Eric, Cindy, and Rebecca. That was wonderful! We went to Gators and Friends, we went swimming, and played some tennis, along with watching some fun movies. It was great to hang out with the trio, they all played with Brooklyn and of course, uncle Eric tickled and teased her in a way that only uncles can do.
This week Rebecca came by herself and the fun continued. First of all, Brookie loved having a roommate and a playmate. Aunties, especially before they have kids of their own, are always so attentive and playful with their little nieces and nephews. It starts to make us parents feel like boring old bumps on a log!
I really appreciated all the extra help when I was preparing meals, because that is when Rebecca would take Brookie out for a swim. I didn't realize we had a little mermaid on our hands! This girl is so into the pool scene that today she threw a fit when it was time to leave the pool. She enjoys big-time splashing, kicking her legs, dunking under the water, "floating" on her back, and even "jumping" into the pool! I'm sure if I were there, I'd be a little nervous of these things, but she loves the thrill of it all! She didn't even mind that it was c-c-c-COLD the first time we went in last week. (More swim pic's to come on future posts.)
Becca would also read her stories while the two of them shared popcorn. Especially nice was when Becca would tell me to go back to bed as she would get up with Brooklyn and turn on cartoons or entertain her for a while. It almost makes me feel guilty that we can't return these favors to her...yet!
As a treat to Stephen and I, Rebecca volunteered to babysit for our "date night," so we gladly seized the opportunity for a night on the town. Stephen scored some free tickets from his work to the Symphony Gala, a formal dinner and auction for the local symphony. It was pretty fun trying to figure out a "formal" outfits for this occasion, as I am now 12 weeks pregnant. Clothes, and boxes and hangers and toys, and food crumbs littered the house as we dashed out to our date. Even though the house looked like a tornado had hit when we left, for some strange reason, upon our return it appeared that Mary Poppins had dropped by because magically the clothes and dirty dishes had walked back to their proper places! THANK YOU AGAIN, Rebecca!
These two pic's were at Gators and friends. Rebecca is so patient and helpful with Brooklyn. I almost feel guilty letting her help so much, but then again, I didn't want to disrupt these happy bonding moments! Besides that, I think it was a healthy break for the two of us (Brooklyn and I) to have someone else helping out.
It was pretty funny because the day Becca arrived, I was telling her how frustrated I was with Brooklyn. I had just posted a blog the day before about how cute and innocent she was, but the very next day, I was so over her "adorable" antics. Of course, what happened after this conversation or "venting" session about my frustration with my "terrible" two-year-old, made me feel like a total jerk. Why? Because Brooklyn and Rebecca then proceeded to have a wonderful afternoon playtime together. As I am showering and "getting ready" for the day (extended version, including hair blow-drying, make-up, and other such rare indulgences) at about 2 or 3 in the afternoon, I hear music and dancing from the other room, along with eery, but unusually peaceful quietness. I kept thinking my little girl who is used to knowing my location every minute of the day, would wonder where I was, or at least come knocking on my bedroom door to look for me, but no, she was too busy dancing away and playing and laughing and loving life with aunt Rebecca - small dose of jealousy and guilt! I'm over it, but my mom was right, that little break was just what the two of us needed!
Here the two are posing amid their "Tato Head" session. The twist was, these past few days, I kept hearing, "Where Becca go?" from a small squeaky toddler voice each time Rebecca so much as took a bathroom break! What will we do without her?

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Foot Food and Jello Feast

Why settle for the ordinary meal when an enchilada and green jello dinner can be enjoyed as a whole-body experience? I will try to post a video of this exquisite foot-massage that spontaneously occurred at the dinner table last night.

Today while I was on the phone with my mom, I noticed that Brooklyn was quietly entertaining herself in the other room. Curious, I walked in and found the refrigerator door open, and this beautiful display of left-over green jello. Evidencing her guilt were the green gelatin specks all over her face, hands, the fridge, and the floor. On the bright side, I have discovered that unusual sensory objects like jello and Mardi-Gras beads are a great way to teach kids their colors! Today we really love GREEN because that's the color of the all-too-tempting just-within-our-reach jello on the top shelf of the fridge. YUM!
Back to the story. As I entered the crime scene, I tried to maintain the straight-faced disciplinarian persona, but inside I was secretly delighted, sort of, by this mid-day mischief. After a brief explanation that this was not okay, the girl actually put herself, nose-to-wall, in time out. My thoughts: 'What is wrong with this picture? Who does this?' Obviously, I have not created "time-out" as an undesirable experience, because she seems to enjoy it! The whole role-play of misbehaving and apologizing so immediately and earnestly after the fact is great fun, apparently. At the climax of the process, the pouty face acknowledges her wrong-doing and displays her true or feigned regret. How can I not worry for the unsuspecting men in her future? Back to the event, she then turned to face me from the "punishment wall," and stated, oh-s0-seriously, "yes, mom" after every sentence of my explanation of her guilt. This was in total deference, respect, and sweetness. Confused, I wonder, 'Is this a game?' Then, after her one-minute time out, an eye-to-eye talk of why she was "punished," she threw her arms around me for the grand finale bear-hug, followed by the so-easily-offered phrase necessary at this point of the ritual, "I sorry, Mommy." Dang, these kids! Why are they so cute and smart? It really makes it hard for me to be objective and consistent with such simple affectionate as this. Are all kids this way? I think we all know the answer to that!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

The Many Faces of Brooklyn

wet hair + lip gloss + kissy face = Lucille Ball?
Not afraid to befriend a boy.
"...A popcorn ball that would smell so sweet..."
So, explain to me how this choking vest is supposed to save me?!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Fun with Fire Trucks

Brooklyn had a great time getting an inside tour of a couple fire trucks this Tuesday at library story time. She still sports the hat and badge for fun today, even though she wasn't too sure about them at first. The thin little plastic strap that keeps the hat on obviously bothered her, so she was mostly fiddling with it or trying to move it to a more comfortable position, in front of her eyes or nose.
This girl has quite the variety of hobbies and interests already. Even though she dances around the living room to the Enchanted soundtrack singing about "true love's kiss," she can also be a Tomboy. She likes cars, trucks, planes, trains, and rough-housing. She also feels really cool when she lifts heavy things. Future shot-put or discus athlete? Fire-fighter? Professional wrestler? Chef? Professional food-taster? Only time will tell...