Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Family Photos at Balboa Park

 I am the WORST at getting family photos taken.  I avoid them at all costs because they are expensive and take some effort to coordinate.  Also, there are so many beautiful scenic places in San Diego, it's hard to nail down to just one spot that would work without the crowds or funky lighting (like the beaches mostly)!  So finally when family calendar time came around and beginning of the school year projects required family photos, I decided that enough was enough!  The Aspen Grove picture of the 5 of us where I'm sportin' the huge sunglasses was NOT going to cut it!  So here was my best cheapskate attempt...Laugh as you may, we sure did...Well there was some crying too as you'll see.
 First of all, we used a tripod and our own camera.  The first 3 shots show the comedy that ensued when we realized the timer on the camera was taking multiple shots at once.  HillARIOUS!  So here you see my real laugh, real smile, and it's certainly not a something we will print or frame but it was funny nonetheless... Anyway!  On to the next ones, a bit more posed.
 The problem with not using a REAL photographer is that the baby is pretty much NEVER looking at the camera, except when it flashed about 7 times in a row and Stephen was out of the picture on shots two through six.
 Here's the best one of all of us except of course Jack.  Let me think, mostly it was Jack's naptime and he was not having any part of these posed smiles for a black flashing box.
 Brooklyn on the other hand, went to the Rosalia school of modeling/camera loving... She completely set this one up on her own... I had to laugh

 Hate to point this out, but I didn't realize 'till we were done that Ian's shirt was only partially buttoned...just chalkin' up the comedy points!

 Look at that mischievous grin!  So fitting!
 Now there's the smile we all know and love!
 Jack thought that my necklace was just a toy I brought along for him.
 Here are some candid shots.  I liked capturing the moving water on camera.

 and of course the natural expressions
 Here are some more photos that tell a story...We're all trying to get Jack to smile and look at the camera, can you tell?
 Watch Ian's tongue in these next two...I remember seeing the same look on his sister when she tried squeezing Ian tightly a few years back.  What am I thinking?  She still does all kinds of sneaky unneccessary roughness to this day!

 Jack's and Ian's face here are too funny.  Brookie's got the spooky Halloween eyes though....oooaaahhh-ah-ah!
 Extra CHEESE anyone??
 Here's the silly part of me that thought I could be a better photographer than Stephen and get everyone to smile perfectly at the camera....THAT worked out well!
 Or not
 A couple of last-ditch efforts with a new background

 I liked the geometric background on this one.
 Well there you have it folks, all the reasons why it IS worth the money to hire a photographer!

Caden's Baptism

 In September, we attended my nephew Caden's baptism.  We are all so happy for his decision to be baptized and set an example of following Christ for all of his siblings and cousins.  He's the first of this generation on my side of the family to be baptized.  Way to go, big guy!  We wish we could have made it to Drew's too on the Badger side.  He and Caden are just a couple of weeks apart in age, although I'm not sure they've ever met...
 Of course Carolita did a great job coordinating the finishing touches of the family gathering too.  Here are some sneak peaks of the family at the baptism.
 Ian, above.  Brooklyn and Daisy below.  Brooklyn loves mothering around her little girl cousins, my sister's girls.
 Other visitors
 Pip at the piano
 Aunt Kathy and Allison
 A goodie bag

 Carol's family
 The fancy cake made by mom and/or Pip.  Great job, ladies!
 The happy CMac family