Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Garden

Tuesday we made our way up to Encinitas to check out the San Diego Botanic Garden on free Tuesday. Brooklyn's favorite part of the trip: holding the green bird. Twice.
I was so focused on finding my way to the next area, that I almost missed this lively statue. After Brooklyn pointed it out, we had to stop for a picture with the lovely Senorita in the Mexican garden.
I loved these pink flowers on the Strawberry Snowbell Tree.
The placard at its base read, "This landscape flower tree has showy pink flowers in the spring." Well stated!
I liked the pink flowers on this bush too, but didn't catch the name of them. It was a popular day at the garden. Can you see a few of the other millions of stroller moms in the background?
In the children's garden, the kids found all sorts of goodies.

I liked this gate. Future wood project, Dad?
These kids are dangerously independent.
The couple of times we got separated, I had a frantic few minutes searching for each one in turn.
Aunt Helen and Brookie experienced the sun dial.
The kids enjoyed just hangin' out in the tree house.
I had to point out to Brooklyn the appropriately placed Cabbage Patch Doll. This one looked like an original I used to have. I found it funny to see the "in context" like never before.

Saturday, March 6, 2010


Perhaps I was wrong to think that our sand-eating days were over.
Okay, I'll admit that it was my fault for letting Ian nose dive into a puddle of nasty, frothy, dark water. Unfortunately, in my frantic attempts to save him, I had thrown both my towels onto a low wall right next to the curiously dark water and of course they slipped and fell right into it. The towels looked anything but useful and I felt ridiculous. It was pretty funny in a sad sort of way.

The Party Planner

It doesn't look like most people's idea of a party, but this is what the room looks like when Brooklyn decides to make create a party. She has done this every day this week.
Basically, she lays out two or more blankets, then arranges neat piles of every toy, doll, and stuffed animal (dress-ups too on this day) she can reach. I still don't know why this arrangement defines a party in her mind, but it does.
Every day I plead with her not to make a party. She then promises me so convincingly that she will clean it all up when she's done, all by herself. I can't believe I fell for it way too many times. Ian doesn't mind though.

Someone knows her birthday is right around the corner.

Sunday Smiles

Last of the Museums

The natural history museum felt very classic museum-ish with the dinosaur bones and all. We also so a cool movie about the ocean. Ian roared his terrible roar and gnashed his terrible teeth, etc. at all the big, open-mouthed animals.
Cave explorers
I must mention that it rained most of the day. Hence, the wetness and the rain/snow boots.
Even though Stephen doesn't like the grown-out nappy-ness of his hair (I cut it later that afternoon) I dig the smile on the little guy. I just couldn't cut the Dad out of the picture either. It would ruin the effect.