Saturday, March 6, 2010

Last of the Museums

The natural history museum felt very classic museum-ish with the dinosaur bones and all. We also so a cool movie about the ocean. Ian roared his terrible roar and gnashed his terrible teeth, etc. at all the big, open-mouthed animals.
Cave explorers
I must mention that it rained most of the day. Hence, the wetness and the rain/snow boots.
Even though Stephen doesn't like the grown-out nappy-ness of his hair (I cut it later that afternoon) I dig the smile on the little guy. I just couldn't cut the Dad out of the picture either. It would ruin the effect.


I See Badgers said...

nice grin in that last one.

Jess~ca said...

I'm lovin all of these blog posts! Your days seem so eventful and exciting!! and My Niece and Nephew are SO ADORABLE!! I love it!