Friday, July 25, 2008

Road Trip to . . .

Early on the morning on June 16th, we said goodbye to Shreveport, Louisiana and headed off for the first of many days of wandering in the wilderness. (Not, really, but it felt like it!) Around 7AM, when we departed, it was near 90 degrees outside already, I was not sad to leave that!

Goodbye Shreveport and the Red River !

For our first leg of the trip, we were headed to Utah to attend Eric and Cindy's wedding. While there, we would stay with Aunt Kath and Uncle Mike McKendrick in Highland. It was a two day ordeal to get there, but once we arrive, we stayed for a week and relaxed with lots of family, it was a nice treat! Rebecca and Rosalia (Stephen's sisters) were with us on this part of the trip. We four adults drove 3 cars, (our 2 volvos plus the honda that Rosalia had at BYU) and I was lucky to Rosalia in my car to help out with Brooklyn. I don't know if Stephen and Rebecca were relieved or bored to each be in a car of their own, but they had a great attitude about it.

Our first major milestone was Dallas, Texas (see picture below). It was still morning, so we didn't stop here, but we did enjoy juggling our navigation skills on the intricate highway system there. (I thought I would be well prepared for this kind of craziness, being from Los Angeles, but let's just say the chaos and confusion helped keep me awake!)

Driving through Dallas. . .

We later hit Amarillo Texas and had dinner for some delicious gas-station fast food! We're feeling adventurous already!

So this is Amarillo? Hmmm. That's nice.

Finally we rolled into Albuquerque, New Mexico at around 10PM and stayed the night at a quaint little Howard Johnson Motel there. I was very relieved to arrive in Albuquerque because that would be the longest leg of travel in one day and we made it - all of us - without too much complaint except maybe some sore booties. Thank you Grandad for the usage of the car DVD player - it's on its way back home! We haven't forgotten! Also of note was the delicious free hot breakfast. A great way to start day two of our journey, and much more appetizing than last nights choke-down dinner.

Glad to BE in Albuquer-KEE!
Day two of our journey in the next post!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Eric and Cindy's Wedding

Sadly, the best pics of the bride and groom are on other cameras! Our battery ran out right before they came out of the temple! So you'll have to check out other Badger blogs to see the lovely new pair! It was great to go to Utah and see the whole gang of Badgers and celebrate with Eric and Cindy! It was part of our journey west back to California. More info on that in future posts... Brooklyn sneaking in a scrumptious snack of raisins during our picture session before the reception at Thanksgiving Point.
Mommy and daughter in coordinating dresses. My mom made Brooklyn's dress and I made mine. Rosalia had one exactly like mine, I'll have to get that picture up another time. Sklyar and Jessica at the reception. They've already been married two years now. Their wedding was our last big reunion! Rich, Bethany, and Halli, and choco-berries!
Dancing duo! Nothing could stop them!