Thursday, September 24, 2009

Blue Day

Sometimes you don"t realize that you're in a certain "color mood" until you notice that you've dressed more than one person in that color.
Here Brooklyn is reading a touch and feel puppies and kittens book while I finish getting ready for the day.
Ian brushes his teeth. See the pink toothpaste?
Now a photo shoot attempt

This last picture is to show Ian's hair. It has grown in pretty evenly! I think it's about due for a trim!

Caden's 5th

As always, Calvin was a great party host! It was just natural for him to gather the kids around for some fun outdoor games.
Ian and friend, Jenna.
The Badger Boys, chillin'
Pinata time!

Pip looks a little worried. Don't know why - it's just a pinata, Pip! Lilly is safely seated in the stroller with her dad standing guard!
Speaking of the cutie....
The scramble for the sugar

Yes, it's a transformer cake! What do you think?
The Sanders hotties.
Papa and Ian reaching for the leaves. This was candid, too! I had to laugh about it.

Disney with the McKendricks

The weather was warm, but the fun never melted!
Later on, Brooklyn actually recalled seeing Pinnochio on that fire truck! Can you believe it? I didn't notice him 'till I reviewed this picture!
It's a jolly holiday with Mary!
No wonder that it's Mary that we love!
The pooh ride
They really are first cousins, but their eyes and hair couldn't be more different!
The jungle cruise. For some reason, these elephants were much more visible and "photogenic" than the ones at the zoo. We seem to have to always hunt for them and catch them just at the right moment!
I thought it would be a great idea to take them on the Pirates of the Carribean ride! We even walked right up to the front of the line and got our very own boat (just me and these two rugrats!)
Not soon after settling into the boat I heard, "Mom, this is scary!" Oops! I got a little nervous myself. Suddenly having our own boat wasn't so comforting!
I thought this was a funny shot of Ian on the Pooh ride. The pictures somehow got out of order, but we didn't go on the ride twice.
The inseparable three musketeers!
If only she was as innocent as she looks! Thanks for the fun times, Calvin, Carol, Caden, Caleb, and mystery March McKendrick baby!

Bonding with Dad

A Badger totem pole
Open wide!Someday, son, someday...

Friday, September 18, 2009

Delish Dirt and Chef Mate

I was late for my Friday night date a few weeks back. (Surprise, surprise!) These two were crackin' me up!Me: "Ian, we don't eat dirt!"
Ian: (translation) "Who me?"
Let's see here, what's on the menu?
What's that? Dinner for two at table number eight, got it!
Wait a minute, let me first empty out all my colored plastic utensils!
And pretend to use them too!
Mmmm. How 'bout this basil. Perfectly sweet, just like the name implies.
Not bad, not bad. I can't believe you had the guts to try something before me, dudes!
Not too shabby, indeed!

Maybe it wasn't such a bad idea for Stephen to cram this little hand-me-down kitchen set into the moving truck back in Louisiana! It's a good thing he doesn't always follow my instructions!

Desperate Measures

I've had to resort to this, not once,
or even twice...

The old car seat has become a viable threat lately.

This is what happens when Brooklyn doesn't "voluntarily" take her nap. She gets strapped in! Thanks for the inspiration Kim, only I'm not as nice as you, with the lollipop and all!