Monday, September 14, 2009

Cute Pixar Parade

This parade was really well done! It went through Disney's California Adventure at the perfect time for us on this particular day. I happened to be at the child care station near the tortilla factory of CA Adventure when we heard the commotion outside.
To our delight, the front entrance of the child care center was front seating stationed right in front of the last few yards of the parade route!
It was cool to see all the favorite characters from all of the great Disney/Pixar movies. It was the best of the best!
This is Brooklyn hiding behind the attendants at the child care station. She was afraid of the purple robot monster coming down the street from the Incredibles.
Here it is! Muah-ah-ah!
I think these guys were also from the Incredibles movie.
Here come the Ratatouille groupies...
Love the long stilts, baker boys!
cool acrobatic rats
Nemo and father
Dori and the sea turtle dude

the jelly fish dancers
Aren't those costumes so creative?!
the little sea turtle
love the blowfish
check it out - first it's small...
now it's big!
Here come's Heimlich! I only know his name because he operates one of Brookie's favorite rides, Heimlich's Chew-Chew Train.
The Bugs Life groupies approach...
Aren't those bright colors so fun? Oh yes, and the green plastic hair hats!
acrobatic ants
and friends of the bug kingdom
Brooklyn getting squirted.
Best ever little green army guys from Toy Story...
striking their last pose before exiting the parade route. They were awesome! I just wanted to reach out and touch those shiny plastic coats!
more Toy Story characters
still more - thought these ladies were a hoot!
especially with those hoop skirts!
Little Bo-Peep
We don't own the movie Toy Story, so to Brooklyn's knowledge, this is the next undiscovered princess...
high fives
the stare-down
I see you still!
the other toys and of course,
more acrobats

Lightning McQueen
Tow-Mater. He's a real country bumpkin if I've ever seen one!
After the parade, Brooklyn stopped me so she could hop out of the stroller and pose for this. I was cracking up because I didn't even notice this, but she got right out and posed herself appropriately. It was just the right size, too! Kids are so observant!


I See Badgers said...

well that was cool! Thanks for taking the time to post all of the pictures!

Carl and Amber said...

We actually liked this parade more than than the one inside Disneyland! I enjoyed all the parts where the kids were squirted with water and all the bubbles! Oh...crush and squirt:).

kailiaelf said...

Ethan did the same thing posing in front of construction Mickey. Kids are observant!