Monday, September 14, 2009

Zoo with Rosalia

I have a lot of catching up to do with my blog posts, so we'll start WAAAY back in the middle of August. Rosalia came to San Diego for a visit, so we took her to the zoo. Or shall, I say, she kindly braved the zoo with us!
The hippo was sleeping, but popped his head above the water for a few seconds to get some air. Then he went right back to sleeping ...
with his nose smashed up to the glass and all. How can that be comfortable?
I cracked up when, at dinner time, Stephen asked Rosalia, "So, how was a day in the life of Desirae?" Maybe he thought she would reveal some secret about me, or funny quip. from the kids.
Her response was, "She's fast!" I think she said that because as soon as the kids were in strapped into the double stroller in the parking lot, I was off and running, well, not really. I guess I didn't really notice it until said something like "wait up," with the look of 'what's you're rush?' I felt a little nerdy at that point... I go to the zoo a lot on my own (with the kids), but I guess I sort of walk fast. Maybe I pretend that it's my official work-out for the week or something.
I didn't want to cut the outing short due to naps or whatever, but around 2ish, Rosalia was very tired of walking the hilly terrain in the heat. So, she called it a day and I didn't object! We went home and Ian, Brooklyn, and Rosalia all took long naps!


C4 McKendrick said...

No wonder the other night I drept you were going off on a mission to Mexico City and we had to watch your chillins. That's where you got your walk-the mish.

Desirae Badger said...

Really? I thought it was from trying to keep up with mom all those years. I remember when I was Brooklyn's size, mom never slowed down for me! It was sink or swim, dudes! And I love her for it!

Ruth said...