Friday, September 18, 2009

Delish Dirt and Chef Mate

I was late for my Friday night date a few weeks back. (Surprise, surprise!) These two were crackin' me up!Me: "Ian, we don't eat dirt!"
Ian: (translation) "Who me?"
Let's see here, what's on the menu?
What's that? Dinner for two at table number eight, got it!
Wait a minute, let me first empty out all my colored plastic utensils!
And pretend to use them too!
Mmmm. How 'bout this basil. Perfectly sweet, just like the name implies.
Not bad, not bad. I can't believe you had the guts to try something before me, dudes!
Not too shabby, indeed!

Maybe it wasn't such a bad idea for Stephen to cram this little hand-me-down kitchen set into the moving truck back in Louisiana! It's a good thing he doesn't always follow my instructions!


I See Badgers said...

Woah! You got a nice tv?! Stephen, I want to see pictures...and since Desirae "The pant-wearer/sharer" won't blog about it, you should.

:-) Eric

the Koch's said...

Stephen, I know you got the TV and all but I still know who wears the pants!! It take one to know one, just ask Adam. Now, if you can only get away with blogging about it...

Desirae Badger said...

Awwe dang! Maybe I should have left that last p.s. off! It sort of detracts from the theme of the post, right?

Indiana Fowlers said...

Love those aprons---did you make them?-Kimberly

evelyn said...

This role playing should work out well when she takes over in the real kitchen. Good stuff. BADGER DAD