Wednesday, July 7, 2010

What We've Been Up to Lately

Brooklyn made a couch for herself and Ian.
Ian has experienced some freedom in the sleeping department. Stephen removed one side of the crib and the height of the crib mattress is very low so Ian can climb in and out at his convenience. I DO NOT recommend that you try this in your home. Especially if your are a nap Nazi like me.
Stephen sold his old car...and bought a newer one. (Newer one, not shown)
We attended Desi and Craig Neilson's wedding. Brooklyn is such a ham! Someone recently described her personality as "BIG." This new favorite pose of hers says it all. Sorry there are no pictures of the newly weds. But they were cute and I loved the black, white, and red decorations!
The Mac gals. (My brother's wife, my pregnant sister, and I) Funny how we were almost color-coordinated in black and white, right?
The MacBads.
Ian Buddy on the "shuttle bus" ride down to the car.
Ian chose this sleeping spot one day. I think he plopped down between his two of favorite things: the sister and the corn popper.
Brooklyn shed a few of her "goldie locks."
Ian samples a cookie lollipop. Thanks for the materials, Jenn R.!
It made a scrumptious craft!
Brooklyn's color hunt with Dad while mom cooked dinner

I cracked up at the next one. I guess she was going for the browns and neutral colors. She had no idea what that word was...
This is my favorite. She's quite the budding photographer. Notice that camera string hanging in there too!
Finally! He chose to sleep in the crib! Doesn't he look so huge nowadays? I did rescue his hand from the little railing. So precious (when sleeping)!
At the same hour, his not far distant sister and her thumb warmed the good 'ol missionary pilla-case nearby.
Ian's new "intense" face...and Brooklyn's immatiation of it
More on that look:
Now back to normal:
Just kidding, we're intense again.
This was cute and classic. They were checking out the fish on Brookie's dresser.
Then I tried to wrangle Ian in for a wardrobe and diaper change. He had his way for a few moments however. Either that or I got distracted by the irresistible opportunity of capturing this nudie cutie!
And his attempt to be one with the fish.
Whatever she does, he does. That includes singing to the dollies.
One or a few of them...
This is serious business. I mean, naps are on the line here (for the dolls I mean)!
Speaking of naps. How could Stephen possibly even pretend to sleep with this kind of interruption. Yes, those ARE Brooklyn's multicolored strappy sandals Ian is sporting.
Now here's another sleeping arrangement selected by Ian. Love those dimples above the diaper!
Brooklyn's self-photo. And Stephen actually has the nerve to calls me vain? (Long story, sort of a joke, but not funny at the time...maybe another post. Maybe not.)
We don't discriminate. Boy farmers are not exempt from the napping hour!
Someone apparently found some mending work for me to do.
The well-loved baby dolls.

We celebrated the 4th of July. Starting with a pancake breakfast and bike parade.
Sorry, pictures out of order! Another sleepy-time scandal!
The paraders ready to rumble in the church parking lot.
And they're off!
Scoot along, sister!
Sup, Gabe?!
Work it, Christy!
Hey Rachel!
Go get 'em, Brookie!
Love the pancakes on the parade route, Patty! I don't blame you! I sent Stephen back for my second-helping!
Ian has picked up quite a few "older women" in his very accommodating set of wheels.
We've had a few parties. (Occasionally they involve real friends.)
More often than not, our parties look something like this, above. (Brooklyn's arrangement)
Even though the weather has felt like Seattle, we or actually Stephen and the kids, braved the pool despite it all.
Our neighbor Jenn never tires of hanging out with the kids. I don't know if she really likes Stephen or me, but it's the kids that give her a reason to visit. Just kidding. We have a standing Monday night date to watch "The Bachelor" or "The Bachellorette" at her place.
She provided Dori (The blue whale) for this pool encounter.

That's us in a nutshell. I'll try to be better about keeping this thing updated and not letting myself undertake too many sewing projects. But no promises.