Wednesday, October 24, 2007

High School Reunion

10 years, wow! It was a bit like a time warp. I am so glad that I have stayed true to my beliefs! My life has been truly blessed as a result!
It probably wasn't that fun for Stephen to spend several hours with perfect strangers, but I was so glad that he came along for the moral support! Even after I harassed him about not matching me and giving away his black suit to Good Will, he still looked good (duh!) and it was a fun date! Below is a picture of us with Crystal and Joshua, our dinner-table neighbors. Crystal was in my English class all four years of high school. She ended up majoring in English at Cal State Long Beach and now is working on her Master's Degree there. Her hubby she met in her Italian class. He confesses taking another semester of Italian, just to get to know her - hey it worked! P.S. She looks exactly the same as she did in high school! Good ol' Craig Williams! My memories with Craig date back to 5th grade in Ms. Hagan's class! He is really sweet. It was great to see him. I wish Genesee would have come! She would have loved seeing all of these people too!
This is Courtney Rainey. She majored in English. Now she's working on her masters in Art History so that she can fall back on teaching if nothing else works out in the fine arts realm. I am happy for her because she has definitely stayed true to herself, she is pursuing her goals, and she is independent and happy.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Kids Club, Here We Come!

Yellow Duck? Check. Reading materials? check. Hot pink shoes? Check-check. Let's go! Whenever we get ready to leave the house, Brooklyn grabs just the essentials, copying her mom. Does she look like she's ready for preschool or what? Actually, it's just another day of going to the gym... and that means, Kids Club, here we come!
Here is her smile-for-the-camera face.

Side note - she now prefers the "big sister" bib. Today she replaced a stained old white bib with the dancing-bunny-big-sister-bib all by herself. Apparantly this fashion-conscious toddler prefers to eat in style!