Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Garden

Tuesday we made our way up to Encinitas to check out the San Diego Botanic Garden on free Tuesday. Brooklyn's favorite part of the trip: holding the green bird. Twice.
I was so focused on finding my way to the next area, that I almost missed this lively statue. After Brooklyn pointed it out, we had to stop for a picture with the lovely Senorita in the Mexican garden.
I loved these pink flowers on the Strawberry Snowbell Tree.
The placard at its base read, "This landscape flower tree has showy pink flowers in the spring." Well stated!
I liked the pink flowers on this bush too, but didn't catch the name of them. It was a popular day at the garden. Can you see a few of the other millions of stroller moms in the background?
In the children's garden, the kids found all sorts of goodies.

I liked this gate. Future wood project, Dad?
These kids are dangerously independent.
The couple of times we got separated, I had a frantic few minutes searching for each one in turn.
Aunt Helen and Brookie experienced the sun dial.
The kids enjoyed just hangin' out in the tree house.
I had to point out to Brooklyn the appropriately placed Cabbage Patch Doll. This one looked like an original I used to have. I found it funny to see the "in context" like never before.


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That pink flowered bush looks like some type of azaela to me. Your children get to do such neat things!

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