Sunday, May 23, 2010

Princess Tiana Party

Brooklyn met a new friend named Abby at the beach. One day we had them over for lunch and found out that Abby and her mom had not yet seen the Princess and the Frog movie. In Brooklyn's mind this is severe deprivation, so we immediately made plans to get together again and watch it. Our plans quickly morphed into a party involving cupcakes, dress-ups and sugar cookies. Even though it was just us 4 girls (the moms and girls) plus Ian, we baked up enough sugar to hyper-activate an entire preschool.
We watched the movie and snacked on junk food. Abby's mom impressed with her cookie-decorting skills by making some plain boy frogs and then some girl frogs with pink lips as well as some cute crowns. She also was more sensible than I and brought some mini sandwiches, lip-shaped. The sugar overload really altered everyone's post-party moods, so I' think next time we'll have to try and be a healthier in our menu creation. Also, next time I'll try and snap pictures of the partiers instead of just the food!