Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Love This

While trying to get ready to head out for the day, I caught myself instructing Brooklyn to clean up her crayons before I realized the artistry with which they had been placed. Can you determine what kind of a scene she created here? I must say, I was pretty impressed with her creativity. Hint: I think this scene she portrayed here came to mind because we used headlamps the night before when there was a power outage. The other times we typically use headlamps are for these types of outings. Still, I was impressed with the detail of it all.

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Desirae Badger said...

So since no one has guessed, this is a campfire scene. The crayons in the middle are the wood in the fire and the flashlight is shining on them to create the fire's light. Also, one of the furry friends is roasting marshmallows. Too cute.