Friday, July 24, 2009

J.J. and Nancy's Wedding

We recently attended J.J. and Nancy's wedding at the L.A. temple and the reception in Monrovia that evening.  Congratulations to the happy couple!  
Finally there are two cousins of mine on the McKendrick side that are married.  Michelle, who is my age, married last September.  She and her husband, Travis are on the top left of the picture.  My aunt Margaret, in the grey suit, is my dad's younger sister.  She and her husband Michael have 4 children.  Jacob and Lauren are the other two, also pictured above.  Now there are only four other siblings of my dad's that will soon (maybe) join the club!

These gals are good friends of ours.  They are Megan, Karen, and Rachelle Smith.  My mom served under Karen as stake girls camp leaders for a while and became good friends several years ago.  The Smiths have since moved away from the area.  Rachelle Smith became good friends with Nancy up at BYU.  Rachelle then discovered that Nancy's then-boyfriend, J.J., was related to our family.  Small world!  Great to see you, ladies!
These are a bunch of my other McKendrick cousins.  My dad is the oldest, so they're all younger than us.  It was great to have Richard's oldest 4 kids in town for the occasion.  They live in Florida!  Also pictured are my dad's other brother, Rob's kids, 3 of them.  They live in Temple City, CA.  Josh, Kelly, and Claire Bernd, my Dad's other sister, Helen's kids, live in Del Mar, just about 15 minutes up the freeway from us.  So now is when I wish I had the fancy computer skills like Eric or Jessica to label the people by typing on top of the picture.  Also, I really hate the funky face I'm making in the picture, but I don't know how to replace it without messing up the order of things.  So sorry!
Brooklyn and my brother's boys tearin' up the dance floor!
Grandma Grace and Grandpa Glade with Ian.  Grandma and Grandpa Merkley just celebrated their one-year anniversary in May.

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