Tuesday, July 21, 2009

While You Were Out

Tonight Stephen watched the kids at home while I attended a session at the temple.  Basically while I was gone Brooklyn whooped up on him in a couple rounds of the princess memory game.  There were only 10 cards used in the two rounds that they played.  For the first game, Stephen got only one turn, and Brooklyn got all the matches.  She first flipped over two non-matching cards, he then flipped over 2 other non-matching cards.  For her next turn, she flipped over a Sleeping Beauty card, and matched it with the bent card, which she remembered was also Sleeping Beauty.  Then she just flipped over every other card that had not yet been turned and remembered the where its match was.  Crazy!  Because Stephen is so competitive, he of course had to call for a rematch.  This round there were 12 cards.  Stephen got two turns and the players both got 3 matches or 6 cards a piece.  Tie.  

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