Friday, July 24, 2009

The Number 5

Learning Time has become the highlight of Brooklyn's day.  It's a fun little ritual.  Here's our #5 lesson.  We counted her fingers and toes and put stickers on them. I also had her circle all of the 5's she found in a grocery store add.  I didn't realize that "5" is not a popular sale number, probably because it's so middle of the road, it doesn't sound catchy enough for a bargain price.  I think 9's would be a better number for this activity.  There are a few standard things we do with each number.  First we read a counting book (from the library, 1,2,3 to the Zoo by Eric Carle) up to whatever number we are studying.  We also do a page in her workbook that highlights that number.  We draw it over and over on different things.  I also have these stamps that are markers on one side and a stamp on the other.  We stamp them on the workbook page, 5 times in this case.  Also, I have a fish-shaped plastic container.  I have her count out beans to "feed" the fish.
Thank you to grammy for purchasing our table and chairs that we now use for learning time. She bought it for us back in the "Bayou Badger," Louisiana days.  The table got a new facelift, however, thanks to Papa.  It was left on the balcony over a very wet weekend and got waterlogged.


Scott and Megan said...

PHEW! You have been one busy girl! You're so inspiring with all this posting! Such a cute family! Ryan was asking for Brooklyn yesterday, I think he wanted to get a slide ticket from her :)

Ruth said...

those toes are quite cute.

Rachel Pierce said...

Love those cute ideas- the toes are adorable!