Friday, August 28, 2009

Our Home Away from Home

The zoo! It's no surprise that we really feel "at home" here for some reason...It's very liberating to visit someone else's zoo. I can enjoy the scenery while my kids are strapped in their stroller instead of creating their own exhibits!
This must be the hippo's favorite sleeping corner. He was sleeping here on our next visit too!
We saw the polar bear during a feeding time. Very eventful, but no live animals were harmed in the process! There were a lot of vegetable bits floating around in the water though. And whatever that huge bone was, it looked pretty nasty all water-logged and stuff.
Brooklyn always loves to pose on this little guy in the new Elephant Odyssey exhibit.
This is what they both were doing on the last long hill that I had to hike to get out of the zoo. I was totally bummed that the skyfari (the cool cable car ride that is free with our zoo pass) no longer boards double strollers. Can you tell we were all exhausted?
I love how Brooklyn didn't even eat the crackers that I gave her because she snapped out of it that quickly! I've discovered that when Brooklyn starts whining and claiming she's hungry at a random time when I know she's already eaten enough, she's tired and either misdiagnosing or acting/faking it. Weird, huh?
The slope behind me...
(The picture doesn't do it justice - it's long and it's steep!)
And I was only about half way up at this point too! Of course when we got home from the zoo, and I carried them both (at the same time) back into the apartment and straight to their beds, they were ready to party again! I don't think I've slept well or enough in the past nine months for some strange reason.

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