Sunday, August 2, 2009

Carlsbad Monday 7/20

This is my cousin Broklyn (that's not a misspelling) saying hi to Ian.
Here's Grandpa John and Grandma Diane in their classic beach attire.
Caden, Brooklyn, and Caleb.  A.k.a. the three stooges.  We know she loves them because they make it into her every prayer.
Lovin' my not-so-little-anymore baby girl.
The proud mommas.
More of my cousins and their friends.  Uncle Kent and Aunt Lisa came to the beach this year along with grandma and grandpa.  They all live in St. George.  They came at just the right time.  It was two weeks ago when they were here and the temps. here and in St. George were record high.  
Pictured below are: a friend of Paige's, Paige (cousin, Uncle Terry's daughter), Duran (a twin of Harbor, on the far right), a friend or cousin of the twin's who's name I don't know, Ryker, and Harbor.  (Hopefully I didn't get the twin's names mixed up!)  Harbor, Ryker, and Duran are siblings and their older sister is Broklyn, who is pictured at the top of this post.
Now here are the little kids trying to do their own "jump" picture.  The pictures each show them jumping one at a time, even though they kept counting to three to try jumping in sync.
First Caden shows his skills 'this is how you do it'...
Now Caleb...
then Brooklyn.  She's got some catching up to do.  Her feet barely get off the ground.  Look at Caleb.  I think he's going, 'Is that all you got, girl?'
The pro., showing off.  Can you tell that the boys and their dad are into basketball?  Jumping is apparently something they have practiced a bit.
Grandma was nice to hold this little wiggle worm for a while.  She was pretty good at keeping those keys off the sand, thwarting Ian's attempts to play the "drop 'em and watch the adult retrieve them" game!
Grandpa was really into his book.  It was probably an old western.  I love how the outside of the pages on all his paperback western novels is yellow.
I love how my two kids have light blue eyes like Grandma Bickmore even though they are not biologically related.  Brooklyn even has curly hair like her too!  Next time I'll have to get a picture without grandma's glasses.


Pip said...

Awesome pics. Granparents & carlsbad are the best! Although I've learned that it's not exactly the same as it used to be now that I have a 5 month. Crazy.

Deaconsmommy said...

These pictures make me feel like I need to take a trip to see my Grandparents! Love the three kids jump pictures, so funny.