Friday, August 28, 2009

My Favorite Magnet

says..."I dreamed my whole house was clean."

Congratulations to the first person who can tell me who's fridge (in the Badger family) holds the magnet with this classic caption.

So this was the scene on a Sunday morning after Stephen's meeting and before church. Ian was sleeping and I was getting ready upstairs. Brooklyn decided to tidy - on her own volition! I was shocked and amazed! I wondered where everything went because Ian's white toy basket (you can see it between the rocking chair and couch) was empty.
Then I discovered this. This is the 2-drawer nightstand we inherited from my parents. Before it found its home within our home, we left it out next to the sliding glass door.
Apparantly Brooklyn found a good use for it. I was pretty impressed.


Taber & Rebecca said...

The magnet would be found on Ted and Evelyn's refridgerator.

Desirae said...

You got it! :) I love that magnet!