Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Learning Time #7

So here are some things we found around the house that came in sevens.  Bath tub toys, of all things!  We never knew they could have so many uses!
Stairs...counting sets of 19 of them between two landings is something we did at the beach to avert a major tantrum due to over-tiredness and having to walk without being held after a long day outdoors.
The white cupboard doors/drawers on her play kitchen set outside also totaled seven.
I crayon-mosaic of the number 7 along with 7 counting sticks.  These "color sticks" are all part of Brooklyn's impressive collection of crayons that have been individually purposely broken and carefully unwrapped.  Even the fancy Crayola Twistables didn't last long with her.  I keep my own non-mutilated stash out of her reach.

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Pip said...

Way to go Babe!