Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Carlsbad Wednesday 7/22

I know, I know - don't I have ANYTHING else to blog about?  Well, yes, but I have to do this post and one final other about our day trips to Carlsbad a couple weeks ago.  Each visit was so different because we went with different people.  On this lucky day, my mom and my sister decided to brave the outing with 5-month-old Lilly, who is Brooklyn's only girl cousin on the McKendrick side.  The picture above is my favorite from the day.  It was taken after Grandma took Brookie for a walk to find shells.Most of these pix. need no explanation.
The sista's and our girls!  Pip, I know you're gonna love this one.  If you hate it that much, I can remove it... HA!
A 3-generation picture.  Mom's gotta find a signature red hat for only the most memorable outings, including Peru, 1999?
Me and my sister again, this time with her eyes looking normal.  I'm so mean!
The next 2 pictures show why the hallelujah chorus played through my mind for about an hour as I bounced around in some waves, by myself, and loved every minute of it! 
What can be more rewarding to a mom...
than her kids' overlapping nap times at the beach?
These two were a cute pair in their pink outfits.  It brings me back to the time when I shared memories like this at the beach with these same grandparents.  I think they look about the same as they did almost 30 years ago!  Mostly.


Ruth said...

looking beautiful as always - fun times!

Pip said...

Babe- I don't think I was quite prepared for this or even knew what it would be like to take a 5 month old to the beach. These pics are nasty of me but hilarious of my daughter's legs! She LOVED the water. Brookie was cute right beside Lil!

C4 McKendrick said...


When did you go to Carlsbad with Brookie and Kalita?


P.S. Juice, ?did you post all of these pictures to make you feel tan? We already know you've always been the tannest... est.