Friday, August 28, 2009

Kelly Has News!

She's expecting! We are so excited for her! We met up with our dear sweet friends the Nelsons in Temecula a couple weekends ago. They've lived in Arizona for about 6 years now. Steve is working on his dermatology residency there at the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale after doing his medical schooling there at the U of A in Tucson. We are so proud of him for his success! We do wish they were closer, though!

Kelly and I both worked at Sierra Vista Middle School in Covina (L.A. area) as first year teachers. We met through Kelly's grandparents at church and we would hang out all the time because we have so much in common. Besides working together, our husbands were both named Steven/Stephen and they went to the gym together in the mornings. Kelly and I would scrapbook together and as couples, we'd play lots of board games. None of us are really that competitive though! ;)
Alyssa Nelson is a year older than our daughter Brooklyn. They warmed up to eachother pretty quickly, despite the look of it! Thanks for the yummy steak dinner, Alice and Morgan!

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