Friday, May 7, 2010


We were glad to catch this keeper talk about a rare mammal whose name currently escapes me. He's nocturnal, I remember that much. Also, he and the female mammal of its kind have lived 2 years at the San Diego zoo and that's the longest that any zoo has been able to keep them alive. They bring them out one at a time, once a day for a quick exhibit and explanation.
My mom doesn't approve of Ian's rainbow hat. I know, he looks like he belongs in a bowl of Fruit Loops cereal. I thought it was a fun summer hat. Sorry, Mom!
It was hilarious to see the difference in my two children's behavior at the petting paddock. The girl loved it.
The boy, not so much.

He would however, approach the caged animals, and pretend to bravely approach them from the other side of the fence.
But clearly folks, we have an animal lover....
and then we have Ian.
I love how the boy in the picture is pointing angrily at the ambivalent Ian.
Again, Ian tries to play Mr. Friendly with the animals in time-out. He waves hello and acts like he'd be first in line to stroke their mangy fur.
It's okay Ian. We know the truth. But you're still a tough guy in your own little way.
After all, you do put up with a big sister every day. I'd stay away from other wild creatures too!
This reminds me of a lovely insect collection I made for a high school Biology class once upon a time. Yuck!
The quietest and safest bees we've ever seen!
The heron and the otter are my friend! (Which Disney movie?)
And we are all connected to each other
In a circle in a hoop that never ends!
(Cheese-ball, I know, but I had to reveal some more lyrics for some of the less Disney-minded folks!)


Jess~ca said...

Pocahontas! WOO! I love all the updates you posted, we are just busy trying to find a house and tying to recover from a nasty stomach bug!

Love ya'll!


Taber & Rebecca said...

Jessica, you beat me to it! I also loved the update. And tell Ian not to worry, I'll hang out with him at the petting zoo.