Friday, June 19, 2009

Memorial Day

This is how we spent our Memorial day!  We hiked a short while along some bluffs overlooking the beach and then gave up the trail for the waves below.  Ian and I were fully entertained watching Dad and Brookie frolicking, screaming, and laughing in the waves.  

Brooklyn, letting the wave catch her.
It was great that the beach wasn't crowded.
These action shots tell it all...

"Quick, Dad!  Save me....."  Too late.  Hair is wet in all of the following pics.  Yes, she took a tumble but that did not slow her down.  

Now this is the gleaming white skin I fell in love with 8 years ago!  Woo-woo!  Hot stuff!
First we run away from the wave...
then we chase it back down!

Memorial was fun for our little family. We obviously never tire of the beach!  Can't wait 'till the warmer summer weather, but for now we'll take the clouds.  We can't really complain when the weather usually stays between 60-80 degrees most days of the year.


Pip said...

There's an awful lot of naked pics of your man here. Put up the pics of IAN! I'm anxiously waiting 7 months :)

Unknown said...

Love the 3rd picture from the top. Stephen . . . you working out, bro? The badger guns just might be on the comeback.