Monday, June 22, 2009

Disney Adventures, Part II

It was really fun for Brooklyn to watch the High School Musical dancers, even though she hasn't seen the movie of course, during this cool performance at California Adventure.
She made her way to the front of the crowd and her eyes were glued to the dancers the whole time.  I really wonder what was going on in her little head.  It's like she was just shocked and awed.  'There's a whole lot more dance moves out there than just spinning around in my dress-ups,' she probably thought!
We took a tour of a tortilla factory and had a yummy fresh tortilla.  I couldn't get her to stop eating and smile for the camera, though.
King Triton's Merry-Go-Round.  The lighting is never great on merry-go-rounds I've decided.
A very kind "cast member" accompanied Brooklyn on the bumper cars (just to the right of the middle in the picture above) and let her drive the whole time.  I couldn't take Ian, otherwise, I would have loved to be the passenger myself!
Above is an outside shot of the Gold Zepper.  We went on it twice in a row.  It was too much fun.  Oh yeah, and I didn't have my camera the first time to document Ian's first "solo" ride.

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