Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Meal

I took a picture of what I thought was Brooklyn's first happy meal.  When my friend and her daughter suggested McDonald's for lunch one day, I had to think about it because I never go there.   The last time I remember taking Brooklyn to a McDonald's was when we were waiting at a coin-op laundry mat in Covina and I had a craving for a fruit 'n yogurt parfait.  Pretty much the only two things I ever buy there are the soft serve ice cream cones and the fruit 'n' yogurt parfaits.  Maybe it's because I showed the gut-wrenching movie Supersize Me when teaching a summer school health class years ago.    In the end, I thought it would be a necessary cultural experience for Brooklyn to eat there.  The more I thought about it, maybe I was a bit of an odd parent for not introducing my child to this American pop culture icon.  So when I finally decided on it, my friend was surprised.   The whole time we walked over there, Brooklyn kept referring to Old MacDonald.  She seemed to have no other connections to that name other than the song.  Also when Brooklyn's friend talked about getting a happy meal, Brooklyn was clueless.  This is why I didn't even give her the choice of having fries.  I was hoping the happy meals still came in those cute little boxes, but no such luck. I remember one of my first happy meals came with a big awesome E.T. poster.  Brooklyn enjoyed licking every last trace of carmel out of the little cup that came with the apple dippers.  I ordered a salad.  (See bottom of picture.)  I was disappointed that the chicken was seasoned with a ton of salt.  Other than that, I was glad to see that there are a few "fresher" choices on the menu these days.  A cheeseburger, apple dippers with carmel, CHOCOLATE milk (gasp, I know!) and a funky monkey toy later, we had officially experienced Brooklyn's first happy meal. The funny thing is, I found out later that it wasn't her first happy meal.  Stephen said they got one somewhere on the Louisiana road trip with Mark, Drew, and Alyssa.  So maybe it's just the first happy meal that I've ever bought for her.  I'm sorta glad it wasn't all that impressive to her.

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Pip said...

Babe- spare the world with the chicken was a little salty it was a salad from MCDONALDS not Health Nuts Incorporated. Anyway. I agree with eating healthy and not out of control but sometimes you take it to the extreme. Anyway, Brooklyn looks A-dorable with her piggies at Mcky-D's.