Monday, June 22, 2009

Ian: 7 months

Here he is, our main man Ian.  Lovin' life and surviving the overload of affection from the big sister.  He can only sit still for about 1.5 flashes of the camera, then he's onto man-handling the giraffe.  Note, the giraffe had to be stripped down for the picture.  Brooklyn thinks the giraffe is hers and it is currently sitting on her bed wearing a silky, shiny red dress.  (An old baby dress of Brooklyn's from Jennette's wedding!)
Watch him pretending to still pose and look at the camera while really he's already distracted.  He's testing the waters.  Seeing how far he can go before I try to reposition him and redirect the attention.  Sneaky, sneaky!
The sister then joins in the photo shoot.  Father's day was just around the corner, so what the hay.  If you can't beat 'em, join 'em, right?  She was also a huge distraction during the individual photo shoot, so now she can feel rightfully included.
Watch now as the sister demonstrates her own sneaky maneuvers.  She goes from innocent to...
squeezing tighter... The intent to harm is shown by look on her face below!  Ian's expression also turns from semi-hesitant to definitely hesitant.
Now it's, "Help, Mom!" (This is spoken in clear baby language and expression of course.)
Heh - heh!  I'm still bigger and stronger, you're not comin' after me, sucker!
What, who me? I'm innocent, and cute.  Here's my cheesy camera smile.  Ian is still not trusting.
I really am cute and happy, Mom, see!  I can be this close and still not hurt him...yet...
Eating is getting cleaner, except for some of the time when it's... NOT.
Ian loves to fly through the air on the swing when he's not army crawling around the entire house.  He quick maneuvers himself in and out of whole rooms!  We've gotta start putting our shoes away because they seem to be his favorite tasty treat!

He reaches for everything!  His hands are very coordinated.  He has great range of motion in his wrists and ankles too.  He's constantly rotating them.
Feeling like a big dude.  Eating a real peach instead of that pureed baby stuff.
G.Q. right here!
Saying hello with Grandma Bickmore!
First big time ride at Disney.  This is a rarely caught on camera "toothy" smile.
With the McKendrick cousins, taking pictures and being once again subjected to the Jeckle and Hyde personality of Brooklyn.  Wouldn't you be worried if you were he?


Megan said...

Oh man! That Brooklyn cracks me up!! I cannot believe how big he's getting! Such a handsome boy!

Pip said...

These are Awesome pictures of Ian. He looks so adorable. I'm loving him on the ride at D-land buckled up in his one piece outfit. HILARIOUS! Maybe after summer's over I'll get a pass and we can meet up at d-land on wenzdeez :)

C4 McKendrick said...

7 MONTHS ALREADY! You need another baby soon!!! lol. It was fun hanging out this past weekend with all of you.

Macmoma said...

great pix and comments are sooooo true!!!!!
love you all

Holladay Duplex said...

I was laughing out loud at the hug sequence.

Rachel said...

Your children are adorable- those eyes! Hope your 4th was Happy!

Carl and Amber said...

Hey...we are going private, but I don't have your email...send it to me at!