Thursday, May 21, 2009

Big Girl Brookie

The most accurate adjective for our 3-year-old Brooklyn is precocious.  Of all people, it was my visiting teacher who first used this word to describe Brooklyn after maybe the second visit to our house.  This post will illustrate exactly why the word is so befitting.  
Brooklyn had her 3-year check-up with the doctor the same day that Ian had his 6-month check-up.  So here are her stats:  weight = 37.5 lbs.,  95th percentile, height, (I don't actually rememeber the exact inches, and she is sleeping, so I'll have to update this later!) was in the 90th percentile.  What?!  She usually is about average here.  So I guess Stephen is right when he comments that Brooklyn has grown a ton recently.  I don't notice it as much because I'm with her all the time. 
For better or for worse, she usually cannot keeps her hands off of her brother.  He so has the just-woke-up-from-a-nap look in this picture.  Brooklyn loves that he now eats real baby food that she can see in containers.  "I think he needs some vegetables" or "let's feed him some rice see-yo," are what she usually says around mealtimes.  
She is also great at entertaining him in the mornings when I haven't yet retrieved him from the crib.  This morning I even showered while she entertained him at the safe distance of the outside of the crib.  Of course, half her body was leaning in towards him thanks to the help of her step stool.  
She loves dress-ups but has thankfully not outgrown naps yet!  Notice how loved the fairy wings are.  They already have a hole in them.  You should see how tattered the tutu is looking these days after a couple trips to the zoo!  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that my luck will continue in the nap department.  I feel so liberated to have a couple hours to myself on the days when their naps overlap.  Right now this happens about half the time.  But with a little more effort on my part, it could happen more regularly.
She is very creative at playtime!  She often can be heard mothering her dollies, changing their clothes, putting them into time-out, or putting them to sleep.  Can you guess what she's doing in the picture above?  Painting her toenails - with Play-doh, of course!
This was her clever rendition of "She'll be Commin' Round the Mountain."  These things she comes up with totally on her own.  I guess I really shouldn't feel guilty on the days we just hang out at home.  I love the white horse for the main gal, to go along with one of the verses in the song.  But check out how the guy is riding Pumba and I think the little girl on her knee is riding a bunny rabbit?  This is hilarious.  How could I not document this kind of stuff with photos?
Here we are at Brooklyn's grandma's house building a super tall tower.  You should see her excitement rising as it kept going up!  "Bigger, bigger, BIGGER!" She cheered emphatically as we added the last few "stories" to the top.
Here she is acting as my assistant chef and helping me whip up some delectable Texas Sheetcake.  And yes, I was wearing the matching apron.  Thanks Mom!  Chocolate and sour cream....Mmmmmm!  So scrumptious!
How would you love to walk past this little arrangement on your living room floor?  I couldn't help laughing to myself when I noticed the detailed attention that she gives to grooming not just her dollies, but pretend pets too!  The goggles on the mommy dog and the bone and bibs or doggie clothes on all three of them crack me up.
Who says white girls can't wear more than two pony-tails at a time?!  We are breaking the mold, people! 
The only downfall to this nifty life-vest is that Brooklyn thinks that she now knows how to swim like a big girl.  We are trying to instill the concept that the vest, not her swimming skills, or lack thereof, are keeping her afloat!  Is it already time for swimming lessons?  She loves going to the pool and ocean and is not afraid of cold water or crashing waves.  Uh-oh...


Taber & Rebecca said...

I love the first picture. She really does look a bit grown up and pretty soon, she'll be off to preschool. Now won't that be fun! I can picture her now, little queen bee, and Ian might have to start playing school along with the dolls and stuffed animals...

Jess~ca said...

She has grown a lot taller! She is looking very grown up :) I love all the fun stuff and interesting things she does with her toys, she is definitely creative!!!

Elise said...

Wow. She really is growing up isn't she? That is so great that you posted that. It was so sweet and I can tell that those are some of your favorite things about her. Great to have down on record with the pictures and all. She is so so cute.

Tiffany said...

She is so cute. I hope Rachel will be as fun as Brooklyn at that age.

I See Badgers said...