Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Visit from a Vampire

Sadly, Ian got savagely bitten by a mysterious vampire that visited our home last night.  The assault was answered by a loud scream and some crying from the victim, which brought the off-duty police and detectives to the scene.  The accused declines to comment and would like to remain anonymous.
Unfortunately for the vampire, case workers have recently discovered two dangerously sharp white teeth emerging from the lower jaw of the victim.  Beware, vampire!  Next time you strike, your victim just may retaliate!


Ruth said...

hmm, scary stuff.

Amelia said...

According to family legend when Isaac and I were approximately the same ages as your two, the same thing happened, a scream in the night and my parents came through where I promptly said, "I didn't bite Isaac" before they had even had a chance to examine him. Hee hee. Must be a big sister thing!

Desirae Badger said...

Actually, she admitted to it right away when we asked why he was screaming. But it was just too fun making up a story to go along with the picture of her hiding behind the monogrammed pillow. She hid when I asked her to make a scary face like a vampire.