Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Rebecca's Wedding

I know everyone has already posted lots of cool pictures of Becca and Taber's wedding, but that doesn't mean we can't add to them!  Rebecca looked fabulous in her dress and more importantly, the happy couple radiated.  I couldn't have said it better than T.J. did at the luncheon, "Now I know what perfection looks like!"
I commend Rebecca for being so calm, cool, and collected throughout the whole weekend.  It seems like so often weddings and the events surrounding them can be stressful and exhausting, even though they are supposed to be enjoyable celebrations.  Weddings become even trickier to coordinate as the extended family continues growing. Great job to Rebecca, Evelyn, Bethany, Kimberly, Ted, and everyone who worked together to pull this off!  It was fun to see everyone even though it was a quick trip.  Best of luck to the new Mr. and Mrs. Taber Cope!  
My boys at the temple.
Cute cousins Brooklyn and Alyssa.
The gang in attendance. 

More pictures to follow!  The wedding weekend was definitely the highlight of our month.  So, the coverage of it is not yet complete!


Ruth said...

fun times. Looks like Stephen's sister. Am I right?

Desirae Badger said...

yes, you are right.