Monday, May 18, 2009

Date Night

A couple of weekends ago, Stephen and I decided it was high time for a real date night.  Actually, the idea was hatched when one of my friends asked me when the last time Stephen and I had gone out with each other.  I could only recall a handful of times since Ian was born, including a couple of trips to the movie theater when we were up at my mom's place and a quick dash to Soup Plantation on our anniversary in December, the same night we returned from a long road trip to Louisiana.  Does that even count? How embarrassing!  So we dropped off the kids at a friend's house and went for a fun little hike on some trails at the nearby Torrey Pines beach just a few miles north of where we live.  It was a gorgeous sunset that we enjoyed and I kept kicking myself for not having discovered and taken advantage of this awesome scenic escape just minutes away from our house.   I felt like such a tourist in our own backyard!  
Isn't he handsome?  I love how odd-ball this tree was.  It was a unique landmark and a crazy cool natural archway over the path, I thought.
I loved looking down below and the wave-laced shoreline.  Words cannot do this justice.
Okay, so I had to get a funny shot in of Stephen.  We picked up some sandwiches on the way and we intended to eat them as a picnic at the beach, but it was getting cold and late.  Besides that, I wanted to hit up a frozen-yogurt place before picking up the kids!  So here is Stephen enjoying a romantic candle-lit dinner at the beach, gazing into the eyes of his adoring wife.  Yeah right!
Our view to the northwest as we walked back to the car.
This was where we came out of the trail and down to the beach, behind us as we walked back to the car.  The stripes of colored rock and sandstone on the cliffs were very pretty.  They really looked golden - not in these pictures, but earlier ones - as the setting sun lit upon them.  I posed really ridiculously against them, pretending I was in a sun-tan lotion advertisement.  They pictures are seriously blackmail material, so for my own safety I will leave them out of this.
Isn't it weird how a sunset can last forever?  It was hard to tell for that last long while if it was still the sun lingering on the horizon, or if it was just trailing rays of light.  I'm not doing so well at explaining a probably basic scientific principle.  Any experts out there?
Stephen, pondering the eternities...or waiting for the other people to move out of the way so we could snatch "the perfect photo spot."


Tiffany said...

That is such a pretty spot. where exactly is it? And if you ever want to do date night exchanges, give me a call!

Ruth said...

good for you guys!

Michelle said...

It was fun seeing you guys last weekend and visiting that trail with you. Such a pretty place! You guys really do live in paradise!

evelyn said...

What a great place. Keep up the good times that make life meaningful and rich. BADGER DAD

Jess~ca said...

That looks like so much fun and so pretty! I would love to visit there !! I'm sure it was fun getting to hang out with T.J. and Michele, I can't wait to get together with everybody again sometime :)So now I just need to visit California and New York.....