Monday, March 2, 2009

Happy Birthday, Big C!

Don't be deceived by the horns, this kid is not only cute, but was and continues to be my favorite brother for endless reasons.  Because we are celebrating his birthday this month, I'll share a few things about him that make him special.  
#1. He always kept my sister and me in line, especially when the parents were not around.  He was the ultimate rule-reminder and enforcer.  I think if teaching doesn't work out for him, he may consider a career in law-enforcement!

#2 He coached me along with certain sports skills like throwing a baseball, shooting and dribbling a basketball, and how to defend a basket.  (Can you tell what he favorite sport is?) Some of this coaching came out of the need for a worthy opponent(which I never was).   
#3.  He was always a good friend.  Because we are pretty close in age, we did a lot of things together like drive to seminary, attend stake dances, and go out on "group dates," sometimes with each other's friends!  We always confided in each other too.

#4. He was my Dad's pride and joy and probably his source of sanity at times in a house full of three girls.  Calvin was my dad's privileged companion to many Laker, Dodger, and UCLA games as well as the annual L.A. auto show.  Calvin had his own reading material in our house, including several Calvin and Hobbs comic books, Boys' Life Magazine, Sports Illustrated, and of course, the Sports section of the LA Times. 
#4 It seems like both of us lucked out in getting more friends because we had each other.  This was sort of a problem in Jr. High and High School.  I sometimes suspected that girls wanted to be my friend because they thought I had a cute brother.  On the flip side of that, I got to know about some top secret stuff that he and his friends did at Scout Camp or Fathers and Sons outings.
#5. He showed me responsibility and the value of money.  One of his first jobs included mowing the lawn for Mrs. Hall down the street.  He's carefully stash away the small envelope of bills that she sent home with him each week.

#6 He taught me that the best gifts were thoughtful and home-made.  My most memorable birthday gifts came from him.  They included: letting me use his room for a sleep-over for my 10th birthday party. (My friends and I had a hay day taking pictures posing in various accesories we found in his room - a coon-skin cap, a leather whip, and various retro baseball caps.) Another favorite birthday gift from him was a birthday song that he composed for me and sang with my then-boyfriend at a BYU singles ward talent show.  Talk about guts!
#7 He gave me one of my favorite nicknames.  (If you don't know it, you'll have to ask him.)

#8 He is Brooklyn's favorite McKendrick uncle because he can always get her to laugh her irresistable cute laugh from lots and lots of tickling!  He also reads her stories with plenty of animation. 
#9 He is just plain hilarious when he imitates people in the stories he tells.  The retold event always holds a higher entertainment value than the incident itself.  Maybe he should extend his services at Northview High and become the drama teacher as well.  I'm sure Evelyn could give him some pointers!  
#10 He is an inspirational basketball coach who has been known to take his team members to the movies or just lends out his "lucky" shoes to a player in need.  

Basically I'm so lucky for all the ways my life has been influenced by him and sometimes I am so jealous that my sister-in-law scored the coolest husband ever! (Right next to my own man, of course!)


Unknown said...

Love the pictures.

Dana said...

What a sweet tribute!

C4 McKendrick said...

Wow, Desirae, te pasaste. At least I have 9 months now to plan my revenge!