Thursday, March 19, 2009

Beach House, Part 1

Life is really rough when you live a few blocks from a San Diego beach.  This we know because we "house-sat" for one of Stephen's coworkers last week who lives in Ocean Beach.  This cozy abode is a few blocks away from the sandy ocean, and a 5-minute drive from each of the following:  Sea World, the zoo, "old town," downtown, the airport, a sports arena, and at least 3 major shopping malls, to name a few things.  It is also near the wonderful Mission Bay and just next to Coronado Island, famous for the resort-style Hotel Del Coronado.  Did I mention that Stephen and I stayed in San Diego on our honeymoon?  It's a cool place to sight see or just relax.  
On Saturday morning, Stephen decided to walk to the beach with Brooklyn since he hadn't seen it yet and he wanted to know just how close it really was.  (Brooklyn and I had already cruised down earlier in the week on a short stroller ride)  Here's a summary of their hour or hour and a half adventure:

#1 (Above) Depart from house with sand-toy wagon.
#2 Arrive at beach.
#3 Ditch shoes, roll up pants, and build a sand castle.
#4  Romp around in the sand.


Michelle said...

Brooklyn is such a cutie! And this place you're staying at sounds like the kind of place I definitely want to live!

Ruth said...

What a doll! Love the pics!

I See Badgers said...

those are all really fun posts. Thanks for keepin' us updated.

-eric n cindy

Rachel said...

I am SO jealous. Brooklyn looks so cute and carefree!